BUSINESS MARKETING: They are free yet so valuable

2013-03-16T14:51:00Z BUSINESS MARKETING: They are free yet so valuableLarry Galler Times Business
March 16, 2013 2:51 pm  • 

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone you came in contact with today smiled?

No, I don’t mean that pasted-on phony smile some people use to mask their real feelings, but a real smile. Like they were happy to see you or hear you (yes, most people can smile with their voices!).

I haven’t taken a poll, but if I had surveyed 100 people, I would bet that 95 percent would prefer to deal with a happy person than with a grump and that the remaining 5 percent are grumps.

Your business has a personality. It can have many faces – happy, grumpy, vivid, purposeful, neutral, sad, proud, mournful, curious, servile, tough, humorous, etc.

If you were to put yourself in your customer’s shoes, which personality would you prefer working with, buying from, negotiating with, calling for service, complaining to, or asking for information?

The overwhelming preference is for the person that smiles. And that people who smile represents a business that smiles.

The funny thing is that most businesses invest a large portion of their sales dollars into marketing and advertising, but not many take the extra step of creating a culture that makes it pleasant to work there and to buy from.

Honest smiles come from happy people at the top of the business creating a happy culture which percolates down to everyone in the company, and when the whole company is happy, the whole company smiles. I’m not suggesting anyone should be skipping and jumping with joy when something goes wrong, but that a business that respects people and makes them comfortable even in difficult circumstances is a happier place, a more smiling place.

Take a smile survey at your business. Is yours a happy business? Can it be happier if you work at making it happier? Why not invest some time is creating more smiles? Celebrate something like reaching a goal or someone’s birthday. Show appreciation by putting a flower or a cupcake on someone’s desk. Recognize jobs well done. Watch the faces to see if there are more smiles.

Smiles are free, yet so valuable.


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