CONSUMER AFFAIRS: Don’t be the 'best kept secret'

2013-02-02T09:01:00Z CONSUMER AFFAIRS: Don’t be the 'best kept secret'Larry Galler Times Business Columnist
February 02, 2013 9:01 am  • 

The philosophical question, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” has been stumping people and causing discussion since it was first asked more than 300 years ago.

In the business world, surprisingly, this very same topic comes up far too often.

Whenever I hear someone say, “Our company is the 'best kept secret' in our community or our industry,” I immediately think I hear a tree about to fall in the forest.

Businesses have expertise and solve problems every day. Many of these solutions would make a great story, interesting to a properly targeted market. If that properly targeted market was made aware of the problem and solution, the story would enhance the brand and the reputation, and add to the marketing effort, which, of course, would add to the bottom line.

Well-written success stories engage readers in a problem/solution strategy/results format. These stories can be sent to clients and prospects in newsletters, memos, updates, etc., by either email or by regular mail. They can be put into news release format and sent to this media outlet. Iif an editor finds the story engaging or interesting enough, it might get expanded into a sizable article.

Think back to your business activity of the past few days. Did a customer have a problem you solved or a challenge you overcame? From your customer’s perspective it was probably a unique, extraordinary experience. But to you, a professional in your field, it was probably a regular occurrence, nothing extraordinary or unique about it.

So put on your public relations hat for a moment. Consider how you can tell your customer’s story of problem/solution strategy/results in an interesting, engaging manner.

When your customers and prospects in your database read it, they will be more knowledgeable of your expertise and professionalism and, if the general public sees it, they will become aware of you and in time you won’t be the best kept secret any longer.

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