CONSUMER AFFAIRS: Don’t let them forget you

2014-01-25T07:24:00Z CONSUMER AFFAIRS: Don’t let them forget youLarry Galler Times Business Columnist
January 25, 2014 7:24 am  • 

January 22, 2014


Don’t let them forget you!

If you were to look at your sales records going back two or three years I’m sure you would find a sizable number of clients that bought your product(s) and / or services(s) but have not bought from you in some time.

Ask yourself:

• Is it possible they no longer need my products or services?

• Did we do something to cause them to stop buying from us?

• Is it possible they might be in the market again and have forgotten us?

If the answer to the first two questions is “No” then I’ll be that, in many cases, question #3 is, unfortunately, a “Yes.” They have forgotten about you. And it is your fault, not theirs.

Many marketers think that their former clients remember them. But even if those clients do remember, realize that the competition is actively working to seduce your customers away. Those competitors are advertising some low-cost-extra-value -“But wait there’s more!!!” - promotions to lure your clients. Don’t let them get away with it!

Unless you are a mass marketer selling commodity-type products and services, It is up to you to know your customer, anticipate their needs, understand what they want, and to promote to them on a “person-to-person” level. Maybe it takes a personalized letter or email, a phone call, even an invitation to breakfast or lunch. Invite them to a special educational or social event – a “client appreciation” event comes immediately to mind.

It might be that you have a new offering and you know that some of your former clients are ideal prospects but, unless you tell them about it in some manner, they will not be aware that they can purchase it from you. Perhaps you create a special category of customer and a special promotion just for them.

There are any number of ways you can promote your company, your products, and services to them that will be more successful than just relying on their memory because, if they are in the market and not buying from you… they have forgotten about you and what you can do for them!

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