There are goals, and there are GOALS

2013-06-16T00:00:00Z There are goals, and there are GOALSLarry Galler Times Columnist
June 16, 2013 12:00 am  • 

To move forward in business or in every other part of life including dieting (please don’t ask me how I know this), it is important to have goals for many reasons.

· Goals keep you focused on accomplishing what you intend to accomplish

· That focus keeps you on the track toward accomplishing your goals

There are goals … and there are GOALS. Which would you feel better achieving?

When the little, tiny, incremental goal is made it feels good, but aside for a momentary sense of accomplishment it is just a little bump on the road, noticed but not celebrated, at least not much.

A GOAL, on the other hand, is a big deal. I use the term MIBAG (Magnificent Inspiring Bold Audacious Goals) to describe those overarching goals that capture the imagination, make people stretch their capabilities and come together in cohesive teams to accomplish great things.

The difference between a goal and a GOAL starts at the top. Someone who wants to make a difference, a big difference, plans out how to sell the vision of that accomplishment to everyone involved in the effort. Without that vision there is no emotional tug, the sense that “this is important and we can do it!”

So, when looking at your personal and business goals for the near term, ask yourself whether your goals are magnificent enough to inspire, are they bold and audacious enough to get an extra effort, a sense of purpose, a boost to morale? If your current goals fall short, revise them and make them important.

But wait … there’s more!

Just having that MIBAG isn’t enough, either. It’s important to get people involved. Get them together, discuss your goals, why you think they are worth achieving, why you believe they are reachable and solicit input on how they can be accomplished. You may discover the need to establish mini-goals along the path toward the greater goal.

There are goals, and there are GOALS. Which do you want to achieve?

P.S. I made my diet goal a day before my birthday deadline!

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