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Q: The holidays are looming and I’d like to work in retail. I’m sure a lot of other people would like to, too. What can I do to stand out?

A: Do the same things that many successful job hunters do for non-seasonal work. Find a way to get into the hiring line by capitalizing on relationships you may have in stores where you’ve done business.

Retailers compete with every other store of their kind in town. Make the ones you approach feel special and recognized. First, identify the ones you like the most and your reason(s) for liking them. Be very specific so that your motivation is different from the legions of applicants. Write this information down and commit it to memory. Convey it in a resume. Mention it to anyone you approach.

Don’t just thank the person who interviews you. Thank people who helped you in a way that’s memorable, too. Use your imagination (rather than empty your wallet) to generate ideas for both.

Do this well to give everyone reasons to help in the hiring process – that you’re a good customer and that you appreciate the operation and its staff more than most people.


Q: I have been in real estate for 14 years and am burned out, thanks to the extra work required to sift through bad foreclosures and obtain financing. I want to get out at the top of my game. My problem: I have no idea what industries to be exploring. I’ve even thought about occupations clients have had that seemed interesting at the time, but they don’t now. In case my burnout is severe, I’m seeing a counselor to get myself personally back on track. Can you help me with career direction?

A: Good for you for taking personal steps and getting career help elsewhere!

Why not build on solid knowledge of your industry? I’m not recommending commercial real estate sales but a new environment that appeals to you, such as working with builders in some capacity or with corporations in facilities management.

If the industry connection doesn’t appeal to you, which skills used in residential real estate would you like to take you into the future? Sales of a new product or service? Operations with employees whose demographics are similar to you clients? Small-business ownership? Recapture excitement over something new.

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