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August 04, 2013 12:00 am


Q: I lost my job because of my reaction to an obnoxious prospect. He’d been peppering me with questions and demands for a long time. Some of them required me to do some research to find answers. We met eight times at his company and I spent time in between each one preparing for the next meeting. All of that time was lost to selling another person. The company really wanted this particular sale, because it would lead to additional business in a target market they wanted to open.

At the no-sale moment, I was so torqued that I lost my temper. Although I understand my behavior, I know my former employer had to take some action to protect his reputation. He asked me to resign. What do I tell prospective employers?

A: Don’t say you’ve signed up for anger management training! Instead, say that you resigned after a negative interaction with a potential customer, that if a situation like this arose again, you’d know in advance where it might lead. Being aware of these dynamics would enable to you ask the sales manager to reassign the account to another person.


Q: I’m obese, but many people don’t know it, because I package myself well. Employers are so concerned about health insurance costs that I’m afraid my weight makes me a liability.

I’ve tried everything. I don’t eat fast food. I use sugar substitute. The only time I eat crackers, chips or Fritos is at parties. I use a non-fat spray when I fry things. I broil a lot. I also make almost everything from scratch. I exercise a great deal.

Having surgery seems risky to me, but diets leave me hungry. What do you suggest?

A: My background isn’t in health, but I’d suggest you go to a nutritionist to find out what you shouldn’t eat or what you should be eating. Get a referral from your doctor or join a group of people who are concerned about their weight and will help provide support to you while you lose some of yours.

It’s possible that there’s a simple key to solving your problem, that you just haven’t hit upon it. Contacting an expert should make the difference.

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