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Q: It's a bit ironic: I'm afraid I won't be able to interview; so I've not sent out resumes!

I work for a large multi-national organization that recently gave my duties to a younger man who has no kids and stripped me of my title without calling it a demotion. After two years, they're saying I’ve been confused and I’m not a senior manager. More here ...

Obviously, I should leave ASAP and not waste time trying to stay sane and figure out what I did to inspire such (and worse) ire.

My boss became irate when I missed two days last month because of the flu. I don’t know what to do if I need to leave early or get in late for an interview, and I don't think I should necessarily tell a prospective employer I'm in this situation.

A: You won’t be when you realize that other people have full-time jobs and interview before work, during lunch, after work and on weekends. If a potential employer won’t honor your schedule, either s/he’s too desperate to fill a job or expects you to give virtually no notice to your current boss. Such lack of professionalism disqualifies the employer.


Q: My credit rating is very poor and as a result, when businesses interview me, they do a credit check. This in turn causes me to be declined from their short list of considered applicants. How can I get a job with this hanging over my head?

A: If you approach this situation the way you do a problem at work and convey that to employers, you’ll have a fighting chance.

Begin by telling them, prior to the credit check, that your credit isn’t as strong as you’d like it to be and that you’re creating a solution to the problem the way you would for a problem at work. Identify causes, such as unnecessary overspending, medical bills for a condition that’s been fixed, unemployment or bankruptcy. Identify the methods you’re using to improve your credit, such as negotiating with creditors, paying bills on time, eradicating frills (meals out, movies, etc.), disciplined spending for groceries and other necessities, and extra short-term work to chip away at bills. Mention any results possible from these tactics, such as a higher rating at this time than last year. Explain that you’ll accelerate the program with the job they’re offering.

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