AGRICULTURE: Promising quarter for local farmers

The Times Board of Economists - Update from Tim Stoner, Porter County farmer
2013-07-21T00:00:00Z 2013-12-18T16:23:22Z AGRICULTURE: Promising quarter for local farmersVanessa Renderman, (219) 933-3244

This year stands to be a profitable one for local farmers, in terms of crop yields and high commodity prices.

But, developers still aren't knocking on any doors, wanting to buy acreage, turning farm land into subdivisions and strip malls.

“The farmers are buying ground now that developers were buying four years ago,” Porter County farmer Tim Stoner said.

Stoner, who represents the Agriculture sector on the Times Board of Economists, said that trend might change as developers' interests change.

The ground in our region is prime for crops, especially corn and soybeans, Stoner said.

Growing conditions have been good this year, said Stoner, who dismissed the adage, “Knee high by the Fourth of July,” meaning if corn reaches that height by then, it is growing at a good pace.

It's an old way of thinking, he said. If corn is only knee high in early July, it is a bad sign.

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