MonoSol, the dissolvable film-maker in Merrillville, is looking for another hit product with shaving cream packets that dissolve with water right in a person's hand.

The company, which has two plants in Portage and another in LaPorte, partnered with San Francisco-based Pacific Shaving Company to make Single-Use Shaving Cream Minis that are now being sold at Target stores nationwide.

“We're always asking, 'What can't we put in a packet that dissolves in water?'” MonoSol President and Chief Executive Officer P. Scott Bening said. “We have seen success in laundry detergents, automatic dishwasher detergents, food coloring, and pool and spa products in water-soluble film, so why not enhance convenience in personal care products? With Pacific Shaving Co., we're unleashing a new, innovative way to deliver shaving cream.”

MonoSol and Pacific Shaving are hailing their product as the first major innovation in the well-established, mature category of shave preparation since the introduction of shaving gel in the 1970s. They hope consumers will gravitate toward exactly measured single-use doses instead of the traditional tubes and cans of shaving cream, both for travel and everyday use.

“There has been a great deal of disruption happening in shaving for razors and blades — but not much for shaving creams and aftershaves,” Pacific Shaving Co. co-founder Stan Ades said. “We strive to develop innovative and effective shaving care products for men and women, and Single-Use Shaving Cream Minis fit perfectly with that goal.”

MonoSol, which employs more than 450 workers in Northwest Indiana, has had massive global success partnering with consumer goods giant Proctor & Gamble on Tide Pods and Cascade ActionPacs. As of last year, Tide Pods accounted for 15 percent of the $7 billion laundry market in the United States, and that share has been growing as overall segment sales decrease.

Pacific Shaving Co., a 15-year-old California-based grooming company, hopes to strike that type of gold with consumers through its partnership with MonoSol.

“By taking cues from adjacent market categories with respect to form, function and packaging, Single-unit Shaving Cream Minis are at once completely new and completely familiar to consumers,” Ades said. “Like laundry and automatic dishwasher single doses, we expect the Minis to change the way people shave, particularly in a world striving for convenience.”


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