A new brand of premium cigars celebrating the lounge lifestyle has made its debut in the region.

The new venture is courtesy of The Lounge Devils, made up of a pair of brothers known as Buddy and Frank Devil. The Lounge Devils, who call both Valparaiso and Chicago home, plan to produce a live show called Variety–Ville and take their cigar brand on the road.

"We want to bring back what should never have left," Frank Devil said. "We like to take tradition and put our own little spin on it."

The duo has named their cigars after classic vaudevillian stars like the "Groucho" and there's even "The Frank" named after Frank Devil himself, which includes a unique "barber–pole" style with both Maduro and Connecticut wrappers.

"Cigars let people slow down and take time," Buddy Devil said. "The lounge lifestyle is one that exudes class and a bit of sophistication without pretension but mostly about fun."

The quest for the perfect cigar, Frank Devil said, began a few years ago while visiting the Dominican Republic for a show.

"We are always on a quest for the finest martinis and cigars and after the show we met with a tobacco farmer and decided we really should just design our own brand," he said. "After a year or so of tasting different styles we came up with this first line of cigars. These are cigars worthy of the lounge lifestyle."

The pair put forth the initial costs themselves. Frank Devil said despite the economy, cigar manufacturing has been up the last few years.

"It wasn't cheap but we smoke cigars and to be honest it will probably save us a little money in the long run because we make them ourselves and don't have to buy them," he said.

The duo is currently coming up with new blends for cigar lines and making contacts in the region for their sales. "We are here to bring back what should have never went away in the first place – good music, classy ladies, the perfect martini and of course a great cigar," Frank Devil said.

The Lounge Devils' Variety–Ville is a live variety show, a cross between vaudeville and the Rat Pack featuring jugglers, magicians, tap dancing, comedy acts, torch singers and more, the brothers said.

"We have connections with a number of great Chicago bands and usually after the show we hold a big band dance," Buddy Devil said. 

For more information about The Lounge Devils' cigars and live show contact the duo at (219) 292–2013 or email theloungedevils@rocketmail.com or visit www.wix.com/theloungedevils/premiumbrandcigars .