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SMALL-BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: iCracked, across Northwest Indiana

2013-03-30T16:47:00Z 2013-04-01T09:46:03Z SMALL-BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: iCracked, across Northwest IndianaBy Andrea Holecek Times Correspondent
March 30, 2013 4:47 pm  • 

HEBRON | If your iPhone, iPod or iPad is shattered or broken, Matt Holtman can probably fix it.

“I can fix anything but the mother board, said Holtman, who owns the iCracked franchise in Northwest Indiana.

His service, which includes replacing screens and batteries, fixing power button issues and more, means the Apple devices can be repaired rather than replaced.

“Pretty much anything on those devices is fixable as long as the logic board hasn’t been physically tampered with,” Holtman said. "The hardest ones to repair are those that people have tried to fix on their own. There are things inside that shouldn't be touched. My advice is to leave them alone and call me."

His service is performed in the client’s home or business, and at the client’s convenience.

“The reason we’re mobile is people want their iPhones (iPads and iPods) fixed now,” Holtman said. “Clients can see what I’m doing and I do it quick. It’s immediate.”

Because the service is done on-site, the client can watch the repair and assure themselves their personal information stays personal.

“By contract, I’m not allowed to look at any personal data or I lose my contract with iTech,” Holtman said.

Holtman began as an iTech last June after he closed his home-based business selling document management software.

When Holtman cracked the screen on his cell phone last spring, he discovered the iCracked company and contacted it about having the phone repaired. The company refused because his phone was an Android model and iCracked only works on Apple products.

iCracked buys its screens from the company in China that supplies Apple, Holtman said.

“The Androids have too many screens and too many variables,” he said.

Holtman eventually fixed his phone after watching iTunes videos illustrating how to make the repair.

“I enjoyed working on it,” he said. “I used to build computers so it wasn’t that far off that path.

The process intrigued Holtman and when he learned iCracked was looking for iTechs, he decided he would be a perfect fit.

“A lot of it is experience and a lot about personality,” Holtman said. “You have to be able to talk to people. Only 2 percent of those who apply get hired.”

In less than 4 months, he has recouped his initial investment of $930 for the repair kit and basic screens, plus the more than $2,000 he spent buying additional stock and equipment.

“I try to do every job right,” Holtman said. “I do every job as if it was my own. I fix it to the point so that if people opened it up they’d never know I was in there. It’s like I was never in there.”

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