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ST. JOHN | Donna Fox’s is in business not just to earn money, but also a way to give women their confidence back.

Fox, owner of Wigs on Wheels, brings wigs to the homes of her clients, most of which have lost their hair because of an illness, a skin condition or because of genetics.

To promote her business, Fox visits cancer centers, oncologist and dermatologist offices, hair salons and other places where she leaves her card and brochures about her offerings.

“I go to the places where there are women who are suffering from different kinds of hair loss,” she said. “Having a good fitting, attractive wig definitely changes their lives. I think women define themselves by their hair, their beauty and how they look. So having a nice hairdo is important to their self-esteem.”

She entered the business on the suggestion of some friends and then with the help of the two owners of Merrillville’s “Simply Wig Boutique.”

“They helped me tremendously, “ Fox said. “They helped me order the wigs and supplies.”

Through Wigs of Wheels, Fox provides both wigs and at home-service.

“Clients like me coming to them so they can have privacy,” she said. “Most women don’t want to try wigs on in front of others.”

Fox invested about $60,000 in savings to open Wigs on Wheels, including the cost of buying wigs, supplies and a pink van that touts the name of her enterprise. She normally uses the van to advertise and to carry and deliver the wigs, but Fox also has another vehicle she uses when her client wants her to be discrete.

When a client calls, Fox said they talk about style and color with them, and then puts together a variety of samples for the woman to try.

“I have 40 to 50 wigs in van I can show them and different sizes,” she said.

“Mine are better quality than most wig stores .They’re a little more expensive because I’d providing a service by coming to their homes. That gives them the privacy they want.”

Clients can by wigs “on the spot,” Fox said. They range in cost from $125 and up for synthetic wig, and from $300-to -$400 for human hair wigs.

Even though Fox said it may take four to five years for her to recoup her initial investment, she said it’s one she doesn’t regret.

“I love what I’m doing, “ she said. “Putting a smile on a woman’s face is priceless. I’ve worked with cancer patients and having hair again makes them feel better, more normal. It gives a client back her self-confidence how she feels about herself. Whenever I leave, people are smiling and happy that I provide the service.”

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