Arnell Chevy-Kia Creates Customer Satisfaction with “Wow” Moments

2013-05-01T00:00:00Z Arnell Chevy-Kia Creates Customer Satisfaction with “Wow” Moments
May 01, 2013 12:00 am

An auto dealership isn’t just as good as its product line. It’s as good as its service, the spirit of its employees, and its connection to changing trends in the market. Such a top-of-the-line dealership is Arnell Chevy-Kia in Burns Harbor.

Arnell has supported the Chevy brand for 21 years, and added Kia in 2010. The prospects for success practically drive themselves since Kia is the “fastest growing car company in the United States,” according to Dave Arnell, owner of Arnell Chevy-Kia.

Not to be undone or shaken by a rippling economy, Arnell Chevy-Kia takes the front seat by understanding their customers. “[Our customers] do much more research before they make a decision,” Arnell said. “As a company, we have adapted to this demand by putting more emphasis on product training.” Arnell’s employees know the Chevy and Kia products inside and out, and work to keep up with the changing face of the industry. “All of our employees are empowered to make our customers happy on the spot,” Arnell said. He points to the Disney model of customer satisfaction through employee empowerment. “Our company has embraced Disney’s principles,” he said.

Arnell’s view of the future of the auto industry is as bright as the glinting of sunlight off a new model’s windshield. “You’ll see,” he said. “Manufacturers are making continued advances in vehicle gas mileage, safety and what I really like – design.” Arnell points out that the individual automakers are differentiating themselves from each other in the designs that are coming soon. “Chevy has 13 new models this year alone,” Arnell said. He points to the Silverado and Kia’s Sorrento as ones to watch. 2013 and 2014 are sure to give car buyers a lot of “wow” moments.

And while the wows start with new concepts from the automakers, there’s sure to be more in the showroom. Arnell said, “We want customers to be delighted to do business with us, to enjoy the experience. We want them to have a ‘wow’ moment, thinking, ‘They didn’t have to do that!’” And that circles back to the empowered employees. “The only way to give our customers those ‘wow’ moments is to have happy employees,” Arnell said.

So, what’s the plan for tomorrow? Arnell said the new Chevy Cruze, Equinox and Malibu, as well as the Kia Optima, Soul and Sorrento will all be huge next year, with the all new Chevy Silverado pickup leading the pack. Add to that some great incentives for Chevy like $199 per month with no money down on the all new Cruze.

If you never imagined that an auto dealership could give you a “wow” moment, you never imagined Arnell Chevy-Kia. Arnell is located at Hwy 20 and I94, at the I94 Automall in Burns Harbor.

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