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2013-09-19T00:00:00Z Choosing the right waggin’Travis Kipper
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Let’s face it; when normal consumers walk into the nearest car dealership, they are not looking for the best cars for their hounds are felines, they are looking at MPG or color choices. However, some are sacrificing the Smart Cars and iQ’s and avoiding the hassle of wedging their Bull Mastiff or St. Bernard in the co-pilot seat. These consumers are buying the best car not for themselves, but for their pets.

So what are the best wagons for the pets?

Honda Element: $20,825

When it was first introduced, the Honda Element was aimed to be a simple four-door people carrier with its rubber-lined floors and its stark interior. Overtime this rugged little square turned out to be an excellent friend to the canines. This automobile featured an optional package that fitted cars with a built in kennel, spill-proof water bowl and even a ramp so the animal didn’t have to hop in and hurt themselves. With a mile per gallon rating of 20 city and 25 highway, the car became not only a big seller with hauling crowds, but pet-owners as well.

Volvo XC70 3.2: $33,600

Tapping the same gas-pedal of the Honda Element, the Volvo XC70 3.2 also seems to turn the steering wheel in the direction of pet owners. Volvo not only outfits this vehicle with a six-cylinder engine capable of getting 19 MPG city and 25 highway, but also cargo dividers in the rear allowing the driver to separate the area into two sections: one for the pet the other for luggage. This pet-designed area will remain intact during a collision. In addition, the area features a built-in luggage net allowing for the animal's belongings to easily be held in spot and organized. Finally, the car features a warning when man’s best friend is in your blind spot, alerting you of any pending trouble.

Dodge Journey: $18,995

Here is where the tail starts to wag a bit more. Your pet will surely feel as if its name was Bo and it was rolling in the presidential limo with a fleet of amenities. The Journey features a dual-zone temperature control allowing you to dial in the right amount of fresh air and keep them foamy-mouthed pants at a minimum. This common man limo features in-floor storage areas that can serve as storage for the bones avoiding the urge to bury and as well as coolers, keeping that water a nice chill. Following the same trail of scent in safety, Dodge also supplied the car with multiple airbags, rearview technology and parking assist as well as stability control.

Kia Soul: $14,400

The quirkiest looking and smallest car of all the ones listed is the Kia Soul. The car features the best MPG of all cars listed, with 25 city and 30 highway. If the consumer wants to save the time between each fill, he has the option to even the package that comes with the car by offering lower-resistance tires and a stop-and-go system. Kia also set the car to be the best in class, by featuring the lowest price point of all vehicles. The bone becomes sweeter, offering the consumer the opportunity to keep pets cooler with a special glass in the back that aims to drop the degrees. Most important, the car contains side curtain airbags protecting the driver and its occupants.

Now with any car there are things to avoid. Do not let your animal stick its head out of the window. Even though it is hilarious, for them to stick their tongues out and let the slobber fly, an object flying at 60 miles and hour tends to beg the differ. Never let your pet have the ability to roam the car, if you wouldn’t let your child do so, your pet shouldn’t either. Keep safety first both when choosing your car and when driving it, and you and your pet will have many happy road trips together.

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