Rude Driving Not Gender-Specific

2013-10-09T11:41:00Z Rude Driving Not Gender-SpecificJim Gorzelany
October 09, 2013 11:41 am  • 

Men are more likely to lean on the horn when stuck behind a slower driver, while women more frequently swear at other motorists in the front of the kids while behind the wheel. That’s according to a recent study of rude driving behaviors conducted among 1,000 adults by in Foster City, Calif.

Perhaps cementing whatever foul opinion we might have of discourteous motorists, about a quarter of drivers surveyed who admitted to uncouth behavior toward their fellow travelers say they have no regrets. Just reading the survey’s inventory of motoring misdemeanors makes our blood boil. Here are the five most heinous offenses:

1. Honked at someone driving too slowly: 41 percent
(women: 39 percent; men: 43 percent).

2. Swore in front of the kids while driving: 37 percent
(women: 44 percent; men: 30 percent).

3. Flipped someone off while driving: 29 percent
(women: 31 percent; men: 27 percent).

4. Brake-checked a car following too closely: 28 percent
(women: 30 percent; men: 27 percent).

5. Sped up significantly to prevent someone from passing you: 26 percent
(women: 25 percent; men: 28 percent).

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