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Volkswagen, which means “people’s car” in German, is just that. The company strives to design cars for the people—not just the overall. Now what I mean by that is, they don’t just go with what standard features will sell the most, they figure out what will make every different person happy with their vehicle. Volkswagen obviously sells the most cars in their home country of Germany, but they are worldwide and compete with other car corporations around the world. We all know and have seen the Beetle, but I want to look more into one of Volkswagen’s more practical cars, the Jetta.

The Jetta has over 15 different trims to choose from, the most standard being the S model and the Hybrid SEL Premium being the top model. With the Jetta they took they hybrid and made it a turbo hybrid, which has great fuel efficiency, but at the same time it can deliver on power as well. With up to 170 horsepower and enough torque to blow away any other hybrid, they turbo hybrid is something to definitely check out. The Jetta Hybrid has the perfect balance between gas and electric to help get the maximum fuel efficiency on every drive, and it also gets 42 city MPG, so even urbanites get to enjoy extra time away from the pump.

To go into a little more detail about how the hybrid works, with regenerative braking, every time the brakes are used, energy is sent back to the battery to recharge it. When that charged electric motor goes into full effect, the car becomes completely emissions-free. For some extra power normally not found in hybrids, the Jetta works both engines to deliver 170 horsepower.

If you aren’t 100 percent convinced of the hybrid’s merits, the Jetta offers a great alternative. The other models offer a 2.0L TDI Clean Diesel engine, or a 2.5L engine. Also the Jetta has a 6-speed automatic Tiptronic transmission, which is an automatic but with the option to shift as if it was a manual transmission. Because of this, both the hybrid models and the standard models produce nothing but power and fuel efficiency.

To cage all of this power, a Jetta is built rock solid with laser seam welding. This process helps give the Jetta a super-solid, stable road feel and can even reduce interior noise. It makes the exterior of the car look seamless, and adds to the aerodynamics of the car to make it feel like you are gliding through the streets.

The driver isn’t the only one to experience all of the power and comfort the Jetta offers. The backseat in the Jetta has more legroom than all the competition, and even many larger sedans. It can fit even the tallest passengers comfortably, which means everybody gets a roomy seat in the Jetta, even if they don’t call “shotgun.” To add to the comfort, the V-Tex leatherette seating surfaces makes for a smooth ride.

To keep up with all other sedans in the market, the Jetta had to incorporate some technology into their models. It starts in the center of the car with touch screen navigation. Passengers can also listen to music, explore satellite radio, and use the MDI with iPod cable to put playlists, albums, and songs all at their fingertips. With the radio on the touch screen comes an in-dash 6-CD changer, an AM/FM radio, an SD memory card reader, six premium speakers, and a 3-month trial to SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Not to mention crystal-clear HD Radio capability, as well as a CD changer that can play MP3 and WMA CDs with up to hundreds of songs on one disc. Equipped with Bluetooth, drivers can talk or text on linked phones hands free.

In my opinion, though all sedans these days are safe, you can’t go wrong when considering extra safety when buying a car. One thing on the Jetta that you don’t see on the other sedans is Intelligent Crash Response System. ICRS will be you brain for you after an accident, because you can’t think of everything in those situations. The ICRS will turn off power to the fuel pump, unlock all doors, and automatically turn your hazard lights on.

Like I said earlier, there are over 15 different models for the Jetta, the most standard model is a little under $17,000. The next step up is the TDI model that comes with the clean diesel starts at a little under $24,000. Last but not least is the standard Hybrid model that starts out at about $25,000.

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