Steering You Right with Sharon Peters: Tired Tires?

2014-03-05T08:00:00Z Steering You Right with Sharon Peters: Tired Tires?Sharon L. Peters CTW Features
March 05, 2014 8:00 am  • 

Q: We’ve got a beautiful old Mustang we drive only about 3,000 miles a year, usually for a couple of long trips. The tires have only 30,000 miles on them, but they’re nine or 10 years old. Is that a problem?

A: It could be. I think you’re due for a change. Most experts say that because tires break down with time, eight to 10 years is the outside limit.

Q: I’m diligent about car maintenance, my boyfriend is not. My car has 65,000 miles on it and I was planning to take it in for a timing belt and water pump change, as I’ve had a water pump failure in the past and I don’t want another. My boyfriend says that’s ridiculous, that I’ll get some warning when it’s going bad, and, in any event, it can wait until 95,000 or 100,000 miles. What do you say?

A: I say you should check your owner’s manual (since you didn’t mention what car you drive). The recommended service for some makes and models is 60,000 miles; for some it’s 90,000 miles. I stick pretty closely to the manufacturer recommendations because I don’t love expensive surprises that inevitably arise when I’m in the middle of nowhere (or in a huge hurry).

Readers comment. My recent column that mentioned CarFit – a cooperative effort of AARP, AAA and The American Occupational Therapy Association to help seniors make adjustments so their cars will be as comfortable and safe as possible – prompted many readers to get in touch. They all said they, too, had gone through CarFit one-on-one instruction and found it as helpful as I did. Among comments: Veronica from California wrote, “I agree with you about the usefulness of the CarFit program. It was excellent and one of the best things I ever did.” Reggie from Indiana wrote, “I read about one while on vacation in Florida and signed up. It was great.” And Caroline from California wrote, “I was amazed how many important tips they gave me that have reduced neck and legs pain on long trips.” The website where you can check to see if there’s an upcoming session near you is (it was incorrect in the earlier column, and I apologize).

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