What makes a dream car a dream?

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Growing up, we all have cars we would love to open the garage door to each day, throw the key into the ignition and then drive off into the day. With each passing day and the hassles of our life beeping at us in the back-up cameras of the minivans we were forced to buy due to responsibilities, the dream becomes a bit more hazy. However, the question raised is, what truly makes a dream car a dream?

Obviously one can always look at the monthly payments of the vehicles and quickly decide the car is not for them. One could look at the fiscal irresponsibility of the monthly gas bills the car would inevitably drink up.

But if this is a dream, why focus on the negatives? Just go for it.

Style: Porsche 356

While the car maybe forgotten by the general consumer, this car sticks out as one of the most stylish and sought-after vehicles. The Porsche 356 began production in 1948. Brought to us by the same company that gave us the Volkswagen Beetle, the car featured a rear wheel mounted engine which gave the car impressive handling. Releasing just 50 for the first two years, the car then grew to legendary status among racing enthusiasts. Not to mention the car was revolutionary in bringing certain pizzazz to the Porsche brand. Using a monocoque body, the car kept stylish lines. Ending production in 1965, the car was replaced by the Porsche 911, yet another example of stylish automobiles.

Speed: Bugatti Veyron

Where to start? The German owned supercar is a marvel in technology, featuring 10 radiators, a quad-turbocharged, 1001 horsepower W16 engine and a dual clutch direct shift gearbox. What does all this mean? Simple, the car is able to accelerate to approximately 254 miles an hour. However while the flat-out speed is something to marvel at, the car at top speed will roughly need 1.4 U.S. gallons per minute to keep the car maintained. You also can look forward to replacing the very expensive tires after each run due to the tires shredding apart after just 15 minutes at top speed, but need not fret, the car will run out of gas after 12 minutes.

Brute Force: Brabus G V12 Biturbo

Built by a company specializing in aftermarket modifications to already long-founded automobile manufacturers, the Brabus G V12 Biturbo was built on the same platform as the Mercedes G Wagen. While the original G Wagen was not exactly an environmentalist’s dream, Brabus decided to cut down the forest and salt the earth behind it. The Brabus G V12 Biturbo took the stock 500 horsepower engine and modified it, giving it 690 horsepower and enough torque to rip the foundations out of a house. How much torque? The answer is 974 foot pounds. While the car is not exactly the most aerodynamic or the most petite vehicle on the roads, the vehicle is able to accelerate to 60 MPH faster than most other cars carrying half the G V12’s weight.

These cars are impressive, in their own specific ways. They have the poise of a governor, the power of a fighter plane and the speed and agility of a prizefighter in his prime. But at the end of the day, these vehicles are nothing more than just sample dream cars; what makes a dream car a dream car, is that it speaks to you, not the fancies of the mass market. So when choosing your dream car, make it count.

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