Road Rants: Dyer finds some white paint, an intersection solution and navigating Dan Ryan construction zones

2013-09-28T00:00:00Z Road Rants: Dyer finds some white paint, an intersection solution and navigating Dan Ryan construction zonesBy Ben Brickman AUTO OUTRAGE CONTRIBUTOR
September 28, 2013 12:00 am  • 

I have heard from not one, not two, but three different people that 81st Street in Dyer got striped! Outstanding, Dyer! Way to go! Could you please let the other cities and INDOT know where you found the white paint? Drivers would like to know exactly where they are supposed to drive their cars and trucks. I had one reader suggest that rumble strips be used to warn the meat whistles texting and driving that they were out of their lanes.

Rant # 1: I have received about 20 different messages on the intersection of US Hwy 231 and US Hwy 41. Here is one from Phil: “The intersection at US Hwy 41 and US Hwy 231 between St. John and Crown Point turns into a death race, or a game of chicken, for the east/west traffic. The eastbound traffic going straight, drives on the shoulder past cars waiting to turn left and the westbound traffic making a left turn onto southbound US Hwy 41, pulls in front, trying to beat it out straight through eastbound traffic. Every afternoon eastbound traffic backs up over the hill when there are eastbound cars waiting to turn left to head northbound on US Hwy 41 because there is no eastbound left turn lane to northbound US Hwy 41. When this happens cars try to squeeze by on the rutted shoulder next to the guardrail to continue east. When there are two or more cars waiting to turn left, eastbound is totally blocked.

“It would take a major road construction project to build eastbound turn lanes. But, wait! There's an easy solution requiring no road construction! All the state has to do is reconfigure the stoplights for the east and westbound traffic into a delayed signal system and give green lights to just one direction at a time. There are plenty of other intersections where this is already done. Adding the additional wiring for the lights and the extra timer in the control box would not be a huge project.”

Phil, thanks for the suggestion. I will forward this on to INDOT and we will see where it goes. This is a bad Intersection with a problem that needs to be addressed.

Rant #2: Any of you travel on the southbound Ryan lately? Everyone in the area knows that CTA is working on the tracks at night. Yet, some drivers see a sign that a lane is closing in two miles and ignore it. Then they see that it is closing in one mile and ignore that. Then they see that it is closing in a half-mile, and yes, they ignore it again. Then they observe that it closes in a quarter-mile and ignore it once more. After all this information these drivers have to expect the driver on their right to suddenly move over when the lane is closing, the cones are about to hit the car and they have not merged yet. Are these drivers truly surprised? Are they truly frightened when you are the driver to their right and you don’t suddenly move over. Do they really expect other drivers to cooperate because they have ignored the signs the rest of us paid attention to and have to slam on their breaks as a result?

It’s Audience Participation Time...Have a Dimwit Driver alert? Is there an intersection that gets you angry? Need a bumper sticker? Send your rant or address to: You can also call the RANT LINE at 219-933-1010. Leave your message. Include all the details. We will work it into the paper. We are also on Facebook, NWI Road Rants. Until next time, be safe. No one else is.

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