Road Rants: News about attempted U-turns and drivers who don't believe the road is closed to them

2013-08-17T00:00:00Z Road Rants: News about attempted U-turns and drivers who don't believe the road is closed to themBy Ben Brickman AUTO OUTRAGE CONTRIBUTOR
August 17, 2013 12:00 am  • 

It’s been a good, but somewhat cool summer. The top-down-days have been wonderful. There is something awesome about driving with the top down. Wind in what is left of my hair. Sun shining on my face, seeing the smiles on my grandkids. Life is good.

We will announce the bumper sticker winner next week, so this is last call! If you have a rant slogan for a bumper sticker, this is your final chance. Get it in this week.

Rant 1: Tim from St. John wrote in that the lane markings on 81st between Sheffield and the Illinois state line are so bad that while he was traveling eastbound in the left lane he encountered a car coming straight at him! The problem: there is only one westbound lane! He says that the road has not been marked in years. I checked with Jessica, and INDOT says this is a city responsibility. So Dyer, get with it! Buy some paint and help prevent head-on collisions.

Rant 2: I am traveling south on Broadway Saturday morning headed down to The Bean---my place to get amped--- to get some Java. Right in front of the Merrillville Police station there is a person walking north in the middle of the southbound right lane. There are plenty of other places for him to walk. As I get closer, I move to the left lane because this particular guy has no intention of moving to the sidewalk. I shake my head and give him a blast of the rant mobile's horn, and he responds with a one-fingered salute. Not surprising. Oh, I wish that one of Merrillville's finest had seen this. And yes, he just kept walking in the middle of the street into the distance, oblivious to other motorists driving down the street.

Rant 3: I had a scary letter come from John about a wreck he was in at Broadway and U.S. Highway 30. We have been giving this intersection a lot of attention lately, but it is a major intersection that many travel through on daily. This letter came with a question, “I have another concern about that intersection and u-turns. Are they allowed there? There doesn't seem to be a sign prohibiting u-turns. But there is a problem. Apparently, the turning arrow for cars traveling north on Broadway and turning east on U.S. Hwy. 30, and the arrow for those going westbound on US Hwy. 30 and turning south at Broadway, operate simultaneously. Thus I have often observed, a driver heading west on 30 making a u-turn to go east on 30, while those cars on Broadway are turning east at the same time because they have the turning arrow. These are accidents waiting to happen. Who has the right of way, and if an accident were to occur, who would be responsible? Please clarify.”

I have posed the question to Jessica, our friend at INDOT. When she responds I will pass it on. As for U-turns, they are permitted unless “No U-Turn” sign is posted. However, I have often wondered the same thing because I see so few of the signs in places where I can’t make a U-turn in the Bug because the intersection is too tight. Trust me that bug can turn on a dime.

I am in a state of disbelief over how many people passed the road closure signs there were at 45th and Calumet in Munster and then drove all the way to the closure just to turn around and go back past the signs again and actually obey them. Thank God the road is now open.

It’s Audience Participation Time...Have a Dimwit Driver alert? Is there an intersection that gets you angry? Got an Idea for a bumper sticker? What tune drives you? Send it to: You can also call the RANT LINE at 219-933-1010. Leave your message. Include all the details. We will work it into the paper. We are also on Facebook, NWI Road Rants. Until next time, be safe. No one else is.

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