Road Rants: The bumper sticker competition closes but the U-turn controversy is unresolved

2013-08-24T00:00:00Z Road Rants: The bumper sticker competition closes but the U-turn controversy is unresolvedBy Ben Brickman AUTO OUTRAGE CONTRIBUTOR
August 24, 2013 12:00 am  • 

Hallelujah! On the week of August 26th, the railroad crossing on Main between Indianapolis and Kennedy will be shut down and finally the tracks that have kept the dentists in our area working overtime will be repaired. As I reported back on May 11th, the tracks have been so bad that my own dentist is running around in a shiny new Porsche which has been paid for by all the damage that the jarring from this railroad crossing has caused. I know it's a lot to ask, but could the tracks at 61st and Taft or Calumet and 45th, be next? Please, please, pretty please? Hey, begging is always worth a try!

The lucky winner in the bumper sticker contest is Jason Wos. His submission of “I Drive, Therefore, I RANT” had a kind of eloquence that summed up what we do behind the wheel. The judges looked for entries that could fit on a bumper sticker and convey a message that embodies the spirit of the column. Some entries, although hysterical, were just too wordy (“Sorry for Driving So Close in FRONT of You!”) Some others worthy of mention are: “I’m not speeding, I’m qualifying!” “Only Tailgate When You’re Barbecuing,” “Text + Next = Wrecks,” “I know you are, but what am I?” “Go Ahead-RANT!” “I Rant - Do you?” “I suck? You’re in second!” “Put the phone DOWN!” “Getting high off MY EXHAUST?” It was fun to hear your responses. We will give the “Top Ten Tunes That Drive You,” in a few weeks. Keep sending your favorites.

Last week I promised I would pose the question about U-turns at Broadway and US Hwy 30 to INDOT. Matt, the media relations director at INDOT said, “I spoke to our traffic engineers about your U-turn question for Broadway and U.S. 30. We don't restrict U-turns there, but drivers making U-turns must yield to drivers who are turning on green arrows, as they have the right-of-way. There have only been two crashes involving U-turns at that intersection in three years, and neither involved drivers who did not yield to traffic turning on green arrows.” Matt is new to us, so Ranters, we have to break him in slowly. I truly appreciate that we have people in government listening. Government people are trying to help. Matt; We like you, really we do but…

Rant #1: This makes no damn sense! Let me try to understand this logic. There is a left turn right-of-way, but not a U-turn right-of-way. This is because the drivers who have a green arrow (which the other drives can’t see) to turn right---and are coming from an entirely different direction---actually have more of a legal right to turn than the drivers who are thinking about making a U-turn. do.

The drivers in the car making a U-turn are more exposed to a collision, and in the intersection longer and traveling slower. The other car who is turning right, does not have to stop, barely slow down and can see us in the intersection easily. How in the Wide World of Sports does this make sense? Did a group of intellectuals with an entire alphabet soup of letters after their last name spend billions studying this? I don’t get it. Maybe I’m just too thick. If you come to a four-way stop at the same time, the car on the right would have the right of way. So this is the exact opposite if the car is making a U-turn? How can that be safer? Wouldn’t logic dictate the car on the right have the right of way? Did our tax dollars pay for this? Only in Congress could this make sense. Was this study done in Illinois? Where’s my Lipitor? “I Drive, THEREFORE, I RANT.” Thanks Jason!

It’s Audience Participation Time...Have a Dimwit Driver alert? Is there an intersection that gets you angry? What tune drives you? Send it to: You can also call the RANT LINE at 219-933-1010. Leave your message. Include all the details. We will work it into the paper. We are also on Facebook, NWI Road Rants. Until next time, be safe. No one else is.

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