Road Rants: The Irresistable Urge to Vent

2013-05-10T23:41:00Z 2013-05-14T12:33:23Z Road Rants: The Irresistable Urge to VentBy Ben Brickman AUTO OUTRAGE CONTRIBUTOR
May 10, 2013 11:41 pm  • 

Spring is finally here. I know that because the temperature has been above freezing for a whole week. Perhaps you would think that Northwest Indiana drivers would be better now that they don't have so much weather to contend with and our brains are defrosting. We have our traction back and perhaps our local version of the Car & Driver Ice Follies is over for now. The sky is blue, the birds are chirping and as brown turns to green the safety cones begin sprouting up like spring wildflowers.

Rant#1: Better days are ahead. I spot a driver in Merrillville, with the top down on a new VW Beatle convertible. What could be wrong with that? The sun is shining and the temperature has soared to 65 degrees. But, as I take a second look, I see the driver is impersonating Minnie Pearl. Apparently, she bought a new hat, and did not remove the price tag. The tag is flapping in the wind and beating her in the face. But she doesn't notice because she is also talking on her cell phone. One hand is on the hat, another on the phone. That leaves zero hands on the steering wheel.

Rant #2: My beef on this is more of an observation. We all know that the instection at 45th and Calumet Avenue in Munster is among the busiest spots in the Region. We know that it will soon be re-built making driving dificult for years to come. In the meantime, is there a way to raise driver awareness just enough to stop the chronic gridlock made worse by drivers who turn left when the light is (not yellow) totally red and get stranded blocking traffic. I have seen this problem compounded by drivers running a red light and driving a tanker truck. Not only is the the intersection blocked, it is now blocked by a rolling bomb.

Rant #3: A request from the Department of Dental Health. Do you have any thoughts about repairing the deepest potholes, especially those that appear in the bed of railroad tracks. Recently traveling east on Main Street in the left lane, I went over the tracks and ka-boom—the shock knocked out a filling. I went straight to the dentist to get it replaced.

Want to vent about a bad intersection? Can you please alert us to those danger zones? Want to be a part of the pothole patrol? Send us a photo and it could turn up in the paper (and on Contact: You can also call in your rants at (219) 933-1010, or find us on Facebook at NWI Road Rants. Leave me a message and include details when possible. Tell the truth and don't be bashful. I’m not.

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