Volunteer Workday

Event occured on Sat, Apr 12 2014, 10:00 am - 3:00 am CDT

The Shirley Heinze Land Trust will host a volunteer workday at Meadowbrook Nature Preserve. In honor of Arbor Day (later this month) we will be planting a variety of tree species to begin reforestation efforts on this 74-acre property. The vast majority of this preserve was utilized as farm until 1963. Since, it has become re-vegetated with a high percentage of invasive shrubs and ash trees, which are on the decline, due to the emerald ash borer. We will be planting trees in areas where we have removed the exotic shrub layer and mitigation areas where ash trees are perishing.  Lunch will be provided.

Website: http://www.heinzetrust.org/events.html

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