Management Team

Chris White Publisher 219-933-3330
Bob Heisse Editor 219-933-3327
Joseph Battistoni Vice President of Sales 219-933-4155
Judy Milne Controller 219-937-5746
Scott Kinter Regional Circulation Director 219-933-3210
Dan Opat Production Director 219-853-2504


Bob Heisse Editor 219-933-3327
Erin Orr Managing Editor 219-852-4314
Crista Zivanovic News Editor/Lake County Editor 219-933-3250
Doug Ross Porter/LaPorte County Editor 219-548-4360
Summer Moore Deputy Editor - Digital/Audience Engagement 219-933-4089
Marc Chase Editorial Page Editor/South Lake County Editor 219-662-5330
Daniel Riordan Assistant Night Editor 219-852-4315
Jeanette Lach Night Editor 219-933-3267
Andrew Wyder Copy editor 219-852-4318
Laura Lane Digital Producer 219-836-3780
Matt Schubert Senior Digital Producer 219-933-3371
Robert Earnshaw Lake County reporter 219-662-5324
Carmen McCollum Education reporter 219-662-5337
William Dolan Lake County reporter 219-933-3200
Steve Garrison Courts and social justice reporter 219-662-5331
Sarah Reese Public safety reporter 219-933-3351
Larry Avila Business Editor 219-933-3326
Giles Bruce Health reporter 219-853-2584
Joseph S Pete Business reporter 219-933-3200
Andrew Steele Transportation reporter 219-933-3241
Bob Kasarda Porter/LaPorte county reporter 219-548-4345
Joyce Russell Porter County reporter 219-548-4352
Annette Arnold Community Coordinator 219-548-4359
Jim Hunsley Sports copy editor 219-548-4356
Hillary Smith Sports Editor 219-933-3233
Jim Peters Sports reporter 219-548-4363
CJ Peters Sports Reporter 219-548-4357
Steve Hanlon Sports reporter 219-933-4193
Kale Wilk Staff photographer 219-933-3200
John Watkins Staff photographer 219-662-5322
Kerry Erickson Features editor 219-852-4313
Eloise Valadez Features reporter 219-933-3365


Jennifer Grabowski Advertising Inquiries 219-852-4338
Eric Horon Advertising Sales & Operations Manager 219-933-3346
Roxanne Olejnik Classified Manager 219-933-3259
Joseph Battistoni Vice President of Sales 219-933-4155


Jeff Fogg Online Product Manager 219-548-4369
Chris Mallonee Digital Operations Manager 219-548-4327
Joseph Battistoni Vice President of Sales 219-933-4155


Scott Kinter Regional Circulation Director 219-933-3210

Human Resources

Lisa Vosburg Regional Human Resources Generalist 219-836-3768


James Pellegrini Marketing Manager/Creative Services 219-548-4339