sign at LocaVore Farm

A sign is displayed announcing Locavore Farm's Dine on the Land experience.

Eloise Marie Valadez, The Times

It's time once again for Locavore Farm to present its annual Dine on the Land series.

The farm, located in Grant Park, Illinois, is now in its third season. The environment at Locavore is essentially a unique outdoor setting. Music plays in the background as guests dine. And there's also a small market which is held on the premises.

In a recent press release from the farm, it states that "Locavore Farm strives to connect the public with the work of local farmers and chefs to raise awareness of sustainable foods, regenerative farming practices and inspire a deeper connection between food and the land."

During the Dine on the Land events, guests sit at a table large enough to seat 100 people and dine on produce, meat and other ingredients from local farms.

Dinner tickets are $125; children under 21 years old pay $55; children under 12 years old pay $45. Special event tickets vary. Locavore Farm is at 16146 E. County Line Road, Grant Park, Illinois. Call 708-701-4320 or visit

 The 2017 Dine on the Land events will be held May 20, June 17, July 15, Aug. 19, Sept. 16, Oct. 14 and Nov. 18. Oktoberfest will be held Sept. 9. Christmas on the Farm will be Dec. 11-16

Chicago Gourmets club events

Chicago Gourmets dining club, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary will present a variety of dining experiences this summer. Among the events scheduled is Rijsttafel, at Rickshaw Republic, 2312 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago on May 24. The event will include a large meal meant to be shared by a group. The menu will feature Indonesian specialties.

Other events include Breakfast in the Cabana Tent from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. May 28 at Randolph Street Market in Chicago. The garden party breakfast will feature various chefs and also speaker/ author Colleen Taylor Sen. The event will also be a celebration of the Chicago Gourmets' 20th anniversary.

The event Fois Gras! Ooh-la-la! will be held June 4 at Cyrano's on the River Walk in Chicago.

Chicago Gourmets was founded by Don Newcomb, who is the retired chair of the Ornamental Horticulture Department at Triton College in River Grove, Illinois. Through the club, members visit various restaurants around Chicagoland and get a sample of different cuisines. Events often include authors, book signings and speakers. More than 800 events have been held over the last two decades.

To learn more about Chicago Gourmets and to join the group or sign up for various events, visit


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