Art work

A work of art by Michael Koscielniak is pictured.


Matthew Kubik, president of Michigan City’s Southern Shore Art Association, doesn’t want area art watchers to think of their “Perspectives from Extraordinary Students” as an amateur showcase by up and comers.

“This is not a throwaway, a second-rate art exhibition,” he said. “This is real art, and it has all the components of quality art in terms of composition, color, presentation, and all of the things you would expect from professional, practicing artists.”

Running at Southern Shore Art Association’s gallery Friday through Jan. 29, “Perspectives” is a showcase of works by Region-based art students with special needs.

The aspiring young adult artists whose works are featured in the exhibit are students of an ongoing art program taught by Southern Shore members. The classes which brought about the works that make up this year’s “Perspectives” came from a 10-week block, in which the students get the chance to try their hand at a myriad of two- and three-dimensional art.

Southern Shore is partnering with the Michigan City Enrichment Corporation for both the community outreach classes and the exhibit. This  year marks the sixth annual running of “Perspectives.” The show is made up of both new and veteran South Shore students.

“It helps (the students) become publicly recognized for the quality level of their creative expression,” Kubik said of the show.

“Perspectives” will consist of paintings, collages, window art and stamp art, to name just a few of the media.

Additionally, the instructors who lent their time and talents to the students will showcase their original works in “Perspectives.”

“(Viewers) are going to experience a quality gallery art exhibit that is supporting and continuing the development of Michigan City as a renaissance center of art in Northwest Indiana,” Kubik said.

A reception for “Perspectives” is scheduled for 1 p.m. Jan. 22.

Southern Shore Art Association opens at noon on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

FYI: “Perspectives from Extraordinary Students” runs Friday to Jan. 29 at Southern Shore Art Association, 724 Franklin St., Michigan City. Admission is free. Call 219-879-4980 or visit