TASTE TEST: Red Rooster pork chops will make you forget other white meat

Pork chops at Red Rooster in Hobart

HOBART — The Red Rooster Restaurant in Hobart is your standard Region Greek diner with an endless cup of coffee, and a near endless number of combinations of fluffy eggs and hearty hash browns. 

The greasy spoon with red vinyl booths at 1151 W. 37th Ave. achieves landmark status for Hobart because of the rooster statue perched outside — the big red bird is right out front in a top hat. It's a Region classic: the kind of place where steelworkers can load up on filling omelettes before a shift, where earnest teenagers could crowd into a booth and talk over coffee, or where anyone could eat a big meal for cheap.

Big appetites can get a T-bone, butt steak or chopped sirloin with their eggs and toast. You can get two pork chops either for breakfast for less than $8 or for dinner for less than $11.

A pork chop dinner comes with your choice of soup or salad, potatoes and green beans. The beans are straight out of the can, but it's a big, cheap diner meal so there's really nothing to complain about. 

The bone-in pork chops are huge and juicy and grilled just right. They're well-seasoned with thick grains of black pepper. The meat's a little tough, but it's good and satisfying, and reasonably priced.

For more information, call (219) 942-4615.


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