TASTE TEST: White Castle brings back Thanksgiving food

The loaded fried green beans at White Castle

White Castle is one of the most ubiquitous fast-food chains in Northwest Indiana, and one often most sought out by Region expatriates who return home to visit family since it doesn't quite have the national reach of McDonald's or Burger King.

Last year, White Castle rolled out turkey sliders for Thanksgiving — a holiday twist on its iconic hors d'oeuvres-sized burgers that you "buy by the sack." This year, the Butterball turkey sliders were back with your choice of sweet apple butter, spicy Dusseldorf mustard or tangy bistro sauce.

Since Thanksgiving is really all about sides like stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, White Castle upped its side game this year. The Columbus, Ohio-based chain rolled out a cranberry spritzer with Sprite, loaded sweet potato fries and loaded fried green beans.

The green beans aren't something you'd serve the family on Thanksgiving, but they do a passable imitation of green bean casserole. The crispy green beans are lightly breaded and fried, but not to the point where they lose their signature crunch. Even though it's fast food, it feels like you're eating a vegetable. Crispy onions add some texture, and a savory gravy blankets the dish. It tastes a heck of a lot better than it looks, and is available for a limited time only.


Joseph S. Pete is a Lisagor Award-winning business reporter who covers steel, industry, unions, the ports, retail, banking and more. The Indiana University grad has been with The Times since 2013 and blogs about craft beer, culture and the military.