Bill Engvall to keep them laughing at Four Winds

2013-06-21T00:00:00Z Bill Engvall to keep them laughing at Four WindsEloise Marie Valadez, (219) 933-3365

Bill Engvall never stops making audiences laugh whether it's on stage, the big screen or on television.

The comedian/actor, famous for his "Here's Your Sign" jokes, will unleash his talents on stage tonight at the Silver Creek Event Center at Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, Mich.

Engvall said Midwest fans have taken to his brand of comedy. "I enjoy coming to the Midwest because (the people) are like I am. They are just regular folks and I think that's why the show goes so well there. I talk about relatable, everyday subjects," he said, during a recent phone interview.

The performer has attracted audiences with his clean but clever humor throughout his 30-plus year career. "One of the things I always avoid in my show is doing political or religious (jokes) or stuff like that. I always figure you're inundated with that all day long," he said.

Engvall, who starred in his own self-titled sitcom for TBS, and performed in  the highly successful Blue Collar Comedy Tour, recently taped voiceovers for a new animated show titled "Bounty Hunters," scheduled to air on CMT beginning July 30.

"I was very excited to do it. It was something new and different," he said about the animated series. He said he wouldn't mind doing voiceovers for a children's film one day.

Engall said he's always adding fresh material to his comedy concerts.

"It's a constant evolution and a constant process of adding new things and pulling out some," he said. "My career has been made talking about being a dad, raising kids and all that and now they're grown," he said, adding his topics have shifted now to what life is like without having kids in the house.

"I'm going to talk about getting older and having to deal with the aches and pains and the memory loss," he said, with a chuckle. "People can relate to that as I talk about now looking at life through eyes that need bifocals."

Performing, for Engvall, is still enjoyable and when he stops liking it, he'll step off the stage.

"If I ever stop enjoying the stage time, then I'll quit," Engvall said.

The comedian said he performs as much for himself as for the audience. If he's having a good time, then it's safe to say the fans are too.

"When people come to my show, I want them to sit back and relax and go 'Yeah, that happened to us or my wife does that or my husband does that.'"


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