Comic Relief in the Region: Paul Rodriquez to make 'em laugh in Hammond

2013-10-04T00:00:00Z Comic Relief in the Region: Paul Rodriquez to make 'em laugh in HammondEloise Marie Valadez, (219) 933-3365

Paul Rodriguez has been delivering jokes for decades. And although he draws on current events, his own life and his family for his material which he updates periodically, his philosophy on humor has remained the same through the years.

"Comedy is a give and take," Rodriquez said, adding he's always happy to supply his own brand of humor to make people laugh.

"People (my fans) are happy I've been at it so long," said Rodriguez, who has also appeared in various movies, on television shows and comedy specials through the years.

The comedian, who was born in Mexico and raised in East Los Angeles, Calif., will be bringing his show The Original Latin Kings of Comedy to The Venue at Hammond's Horseshoe Casino tonight. He'll host the show which also stars Alex Reymundo, Manny Maldonado, Joey Medina, Joey Villagomez and Jaime DeLeon.

Rodriguez said while he enjoys coming up with new material, he said it's the older material fans are sometimes most excited about.

"People want to hear the old routines. Sometimes they don't want surprises. But you have to stay on your toes," he said.

Rodriguez, who has always worked clean, said it's important to him to keep his material in that vein.

"That way you appeal to a broader base. Live shows can draw grandma, mom and kids," he said.

With his humor, Rodgriquez said, the key to a successful joke is to "not get too far away from the truth....the truth is what's funny."

The comedian said he enjoys checking out the work of up and coming comics. A show such as The Original Latin Kings of Comedy, he said, allows him to work with a range of talents in the field. It's always interesting to see others' routines and how they relate to audiences, he believes.

The Original Latin Kings of Comedy show, Rodriquez said, will offer people "enjoyment for an hour and a half. If they walk out and feel the money they spent was worth it, that's great," said Rodriguez.

"Time is the most important thing you can give someone," Rodriguez said, adding he's happy if he can make someone laugh.

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