Comic Relief in the Region: Rita Rudner to unleash unique wit at Four Winds Casino

2013-10-03T15:00:00Z 2013-10-03T18:49:05Z Comic Relief in the Region: Rita Rudner to unleash unique wit at Four Winds CasinoEloise Marie Valadez, (219) 933-3365

There'll be plenty of laughs when dancer-turned-comedienne Rita Rudner takes the stage today at Silver Creek Event Center at Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, Mich.

Rudner's approach to humor is classically simple, nothing overly dramatic or pretentious and always witty.

"I'll be bringing a pair of high heels and a dress and all the jokes I have in my head. I travel light," said Rudner, during a recent telephone interview.

Rudner, the star of various solo comedy specials, author of four books and award-winning comedy star, said she tries to change her show frequently and enjoys testing new routines on audiences.

"I don't write a lot down. It's really all in my head," Rudner said. "I remember what is relevant to me." So far, that process has worked and continues to be successful with audiences.

Rudner said comedy is something that always continues to attract people in a big way.

"It's very uplifting not only for the audience but for me. Laughter is a wonderful emotion," Rudner said.

The comedienne said she no longer immerses herself in the work of other comics.

"I don't listen to comedy anymore. I rely on how I see the world and just writing my own material," she said. For her own musical entertainment, Rudner said "I'm a country music girl."

"I love country music. It's very relaxing and it makes me laugh."

Rudner said these days she's also getting a lot of material from her pre-teen daughter who is currently "One Direction's Number 1 fan."

About being named "Best Comedian in Las Vegas" by the Las Vegas Review Journal for the last eight years, Rudner said she's thankful for the honor but also finds it funny in a way.

"I keep my clothes on, I don't swear, I'm kind of quiet," all non-Las Vegas qualities, she noted.

"But Las Vegas is really a cross-section of America. It attracts people who want to have a good time. It's not just about gambling," she said.

Rudner said she hopes people "take away a lot of endorphins" from her show.

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