Comic Con

Artist Philo Barnhart works on drawings at a past  Porter County Monster Comic Con.

John J. Watkins, The Times

Juli Trapp, founder of the Porter County Monster Comic Con, had one simple goal when she set out to create her annual convention.

“I just wanted it to be fun,” she said. “We did some comic cons in the past and we had a good time. And I wanted us to do some more.” The fest is scheduled to kick off at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Porter County Expo Center.

Trapp is the owner of Monroe’s Collectibles and Clothing, which is located in LaPorte at 515 State St. This year marks the third running of her “Monster” event.

Along with providing a variety of collectible and comic vendors a venue to sell their items – and a locale for like minded shoppers to start or add to their collections - Trapp has put together a lineup that includes and looks beyond the comic strata.

Jim Beard, who has written for Star Wars and Ghostbusters comics, is scheduled to be on hand at this year’s “Monster” get together. Additionally, Philo Barnhart, an acclaimed animator whose credits include Disney and Hanna-Barbara and comic book artist Charles D. Moisant will host a drawing instructional for aspiring artists of all ages.

“(‘Monster’ is) something you can do with your family,” Trapp said. “It’s something they can do with their family that’s affordable and fun.”

Also scheduled for this year’s event are a pair of performances by the Region-based duo Fire Pro Wrestling and, to close out the day’s festivities, cosplay contests for both children and adults.

“”You don’t have to know about comics to attend, and it isn’t just about cosplay,” Trapp said. “You can have a good time and find something new to do. There’s a wide variety of things to do.”