Casino Scene: 'Have you ever'? situations for gamblers

2014-02-06T18:36:00Z 2014-03-10T15:19:10Z Casino Scene: 'Have you ever'? situations for gamblersJohn G. Brokopp
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Have you ever thought of blackjack in terms of football? It can indeed be both an offensive and a defensive game. You’re on offense when you double down on 11 against a dealer’s 6. For the player, it’s first and goal in an attempt to capitalize on a favorable situation. You go on defense when you split eights against a dealer’s 10. A pair of eights gives you 16, a very treacherous hand. Splitting those eights means you’re gambling to turn one bad hand into two good ones in hopes of sacking the dealer at a price of doubling your bet. You also risk playing two bad hands instead of just one.

Have you ever noticed that periodic two-second delay when the slot machine you are playing won’t allow you to initiate a wager? I’ve heard players say the machine is somehow recycling into a winning mode, or perhaps a losing one. Maybe it’s a tip that a jackpot is on the way. It’s all a myth about gambling devices that are fertile ground for misinformation. The delay isn’t a signal at all. It takes place when the machine’s internal electronic meters are being updated. The meters have no connection with the random number generator and therefore have no significance for the player or anything at all to do with winning or losing.

Have you ever watched with anticipation as the reels on your slot machine stop one by one until a decision is reached? One jackpot symbol falls, two jackpot symbols fall, then a single bar. You see the third symbol that will generate a jackpot hanging enticingly above the pay line. Is the machine teasing you? Not really. The reels on traditional spinning reel and video slots do not spin independently of one another. The outcome of the symbols on the pay line or the grid of symbols on a video slot is predetermined the instant you initiate a play. The drama of watching the reels is an illusion that is created to simulate a game-playing experience.

Have you ever walked away from a slot machine and see the next person who sits down hit a jackpot? The money should have been yours, you think. Well, as the old song goes, it ain’t necessarily so. Even when a slot machine isn’t being played, it is still processing combinations of symbols until one is revealed when somebody makes a bet. Everyone’s chances of hitting the jackpot are always the same during any given window of playing time. In the time it took you to get up and somebody else to sit down, thousands of combinations were presented but not revealed. Jackpots are always possible but they are never waiting to happen.


AMERISTAR: The “Roll to Win” giveaway is going on now through March 1 in the casino’s Winners Square promotional center. Weekly drawings are held every Saturday at 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m., and 9:00 p.m. Three winners are selected at each of the drawings with cash prizes ranging from $600 to $120,000. The number rolled is multiplied by 200 up to 10,000. Roll “snake eyes” and receive up to two additional rolls. The Grand Finale on March 1 will offer a prize up to $1.2 million. Star Awards player’s club members receive up to five free entries daily.

BLUE CHIP: An array of additional mini-bonus games built into your favorite slot machines will be available to players on the casino’s Penny Lane designated machines on Wednesdays and Fridays in February. Play with your B Connected card to be eligible for the bonuses for a chance to win free slot play, B Connected credits, and many other prizes. The Penny Lane bonus feature is activated on the days of the promotion from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

FOUR WINDS: Plan a Valentine’s Day date night at the casino’s locations in New Buffalo, Hartford, or Dowagiac and you could go home with a dream vacation to a destination of your choice. Ten winners will be chosen with to each receive a $5,000 travel voucher in the $50,000 Valentine’s Getaways. One winner will be chosen at the top of each hour between 1:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. W Club members receive one free entry daily by visiting the W Club. Earn additional entries playing slots and table games.

HORSESHOE: Every slot player enjoys receiving free slot play offers in the mail every month. Imagine being the recipient of a $1 million offer? Karen S. from Oaklawn, IL doesn’t have to imagine. For her it was a reality after she won the $1 Million Bankroll promotion on Jan. 26. The first thing she did was call her mother and her husband, with whom she gambles at the Shoe several times a week. Ironically, her husband wasn’t with her the night she won because the cold weather and snow convinced him to stay home. Karen joked that it was her good luck charm. Her seven-figure bonanza will be paid off in $90,000 increments beginning this month. She received $10,000 in free play the night she won.

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