OFFBEAT: Highland man-turned-Hollywood producer ready for next project

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2013-02-03T00:00:00Z OFFBEAT: Highland man-turned-Hollywood producer ready for next projectBy Philip Potempa, (219) 852-4327

It was five years ago when I first wrote about Highland's Jason Elkins and his Hollywood venture into filmmaking.

Now Elkins and his current business partner Brian Poszgai are in the midst of a new independently film venture they plan to base in Chicagoland, titled "Keep It In The Family."

"We are so close to getting this film produced, as we have a portion of our budget," Elkins told me.

"We are still seeking the remaining portion from investors and are in talks with a legendary Hollywood actor for a supporting role, as well as a famous Chicago rock band interested in doing original music for the film. We are also looking to go to international markets with this movie."

It was in 2008 when producers Elkins and Poszgai met each other at a radio station and soon agreed to combine forces with their new film production company Poszing Elk.

Elkins tells me Northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland area are ideal as the backdrop for the film, which he says "concentrates on human issues and solutions that occur everyday in families universally."

Elkins has worked on previous projects like "Jack And The Beanstalk" for Avalon Family Films, "The Tom Green Show" and ghostwriting on other larger film projects. Elkins is a graduate of The American Academy of Art Chicago, Second City Players Workshop alumni and received a scholarship to The Piven Theater. He also hosted and produced his own show on the Internet.

Poszgai has been involved with a number of previous projects, including editing a Mickey Rooney entertainment production and "The Jerry Springer Show," local Chicago music TV show, "JBTV" and is certified with a degree from The Illinois Center For Broadcasting.

The duo said they hope by working together, they can help the area's independent film industry by creating jobs and helping the economy.

He said Poszing Elk is now in the final stages of pre-production for the film as they continue courting known talents.

"We are looking to get a beloved American icon who achieved his success cutting his teeth at Chicago's Second City to star," Elkins said.

"To date, interest has come from Hollywood screen legend James Hong for a key supporting role, Marvel/DC/Image comic book artist, Corey Hamscher secured to draw storyboards, contestant of the Sci-Fi Channel show, 'Face Off' J. Anthony Kosar to handle special effects, accomplished musician RJ Thompson, formerly of industrial rock band 'Ghost In The Machine,' whose credits include MTV's 'Punkd,' The History Channel, and the Tom Green indie film 'Shred,' to collaborate with the film score musicians, as well as famed Chicago rock band Local H for original music."

He describes "Keep It In The Family" as "a a powerful screenplay" which he says touches on delicate life issues "never before addressed in a family film."

"The protagonist encounters numerous challenges and finds the power within himself and his step-uncle to overcome them," Elkins said.

"Along the way, they discover the true meaning and importance of 'family' in today's cruel world. Life lessons are learned, hardships are battled and when all hope is lost, moving forward is the only direction."

The duo describe "Keep It In The Family" as "a dream for any investor who has heart and soul and wants to make a difference in the world."

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