Merry Christmas!

As mentioned in this column previous years, one of my annual traditions is to send out a holiday greeting card featuring someone of interest I've recently interviewed.

I never reveal the subject showcased on the card, and it's become an entertaining challenge for others to guess who it will be each year.

Over the years, celebrities who have emerged from my holiday greeting card envelope include Dick Clark, Donny Osmond, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Hope, Dolly Parton, Jay Leno, Sylvester Stallone, Carol Channing, Betty White, Mary Tyler Moore, Barbara Eden, Martha Stewart, Jimmy Carter, Marie Osmond, Vanna White and Andy Williams.

This year is my 16th year starring famous faces on my cards and I thought it would be fun to once again share my holiday card design.

This year's card features another "two-for-one" famous face showcase.

The card front has talk show legend Phil Donahue, along with his actress wife Marlo Thomas, in a photo snapped during a joint book signing in October 2010.

The inside of this year's holiday card, which you don't see here, reads: "May happiness PHIL your holiday Season and a happy, healthy New Year in 2013."

Most of all, happy holidays to you and yours and thank you for reading my column throughout the year and letting me into your lives, along with the many nice calls, letters and emails I receive each day.

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