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2014-03-14T00:00:00Z 2014-03-14T15:48:16Z OFFBEAT: Reader looking for local photo help to honor Vietnam VetsBy Philip Potempa, (219) 852-4327

Actor James Caan joined Bette Midler for the roles of USO entertainers Eddie Sparks and singer and dancer Dixie Leonhard, said to be based on the careers of Bob Hope and Martha Raye, for the 1991 feature film "For the Boys."

During the Twentieth Century Fox film's story, the duo dedicate their lives and talents to entertaining American troops serving during the war, including a final stage tour that spanned the Vietnam War years.

The names and memories of the men and women who have fought so bravely throughout the decades to defend our country, should always be remembered.

Here's an important message from reader David L. Hine asking for reader help to honor local names honored by Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund:

 "Philip: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund is looking for photos of every man and woman that died in the Vietnam War. The VVMF website still needs photos for 116 of the 213 heroes from Lake County, Ind. whose names are inscribed on The Wall. The program to collect these photos is called the Call For Photos. Any photos submitted for a specific individual will become a part of that person's webpage at and displayed at the future Education Center at The Wall on their birthday. These photos become the Wall Of Faces, also on the VVMF's website. There is no doubt that every community honors their local heroes lost in the Vietnam War, but we need to make sure that they are remembered and honored on the national level by submitting photos to the VVMF.

Would it be possible for you to run an article in the paper about this very important program? We don't want any of these men and women forgotten.

The list below are the names of the Lake County casualties still needing photos. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, David L. Hine, USAF - Retired, contact me with photos at (317) 468-3664 or (317) 462-3860"

Cedar Lake: Billy Ray Acree (Army) of Cedar Lake, David Clarence Brown (Army)

Crown Point: William Junior Ahart (Army), David Michale Blum (Army), David Martin Dluzak (Army), Thomas Joe Hoeckelberg (Army), Matthew Mark Renner (Army), Bruce Wayne Staehli (Marine), Ronald A Van Sessen (Army)

East Chicago: Ramon Pena Cancel (Marine), Corenl Gil (Marine), Harold Gomez (Marine), Darnell Harvey (Army), Charles Edward Jackson (Army), Edward Charles Jones (Marine), Steve Klarik (Army), Louis George Onohan (Air Force), Jose Anthony Pabey (Army), Anthony Raymond Prieto (Marine), Gus Siambones (Marine), John Edward Urbelis (Army), Venancio Vera (Army), James Edward Wenzel (Army), Franklin Dean Williams (Army), Johnny Williams (Army)

Gary: Edward James Allen (Marine), Ral Jefro Anderson Jr. (Army), Cullen Barksdale Jr. (Army), Percy Beasley Jr. (Army), Thomas Michael Blystone (Marine), Tom Willie Brown (Marine), Phillip Castilla (Army), Gary Wayne Chapman (Army), John Green Dickerson III (Army), Bruce Andrew Gourplay (Army), Benard Hamlet Jr. (Army), Steven Aaron Hampton (Army), Derrick Henderson (Marine), Ronald Charles Hudson (Army), John Paul Jaroscak (Army), Urban Harold Johannes Jr. (Army), Roman Lee Jones (Army), James Noel Katrenics (Army), Mark Andrew Kolvek (Army), Bennie Ksiazek (Army), Robert Alan Labuda (Army), David Alan Lanning (Marine), Jose Lezama Jr. (Army), Jack Elsworth Locke (Army), Robert Lopez (Marine), Mitchell Magee Jr. (Army), Robert Gerald Marvin (Army), David Leroy McGee (Marine), Allen McKinley (Marine), Michael Shea Mclhern (Army), Goerge Henry Meyers (Army), William Miranda (Army), Darnell Mister (Army), David Edward Movchan (Army), Calvin Curtis Nash (Army), Joseph David Nichols Jr. (Army), James E. Nunley (Army), George Osborne Jr. (Army), William Carman Perdue (Marine), Ofalee Perkins (Marine), Andrew James Robertson (Army), Mark Andrew Smenyak (Marine), Tyrone Joseph Staten (Army), Gary Paul Steffus (Gary), Richard Stewart (Marine), George Stephe Straszewski (Marine), Dallas Ray Travis (Marine), George Davis Williams Jr. (Marine), Richard Edward Windbiglar (Marine),  Joe Witherspoon (Army), Matthew Woods (Army)

Glen Park: George Michael Hall (Army)

Griffith: David Alton Bryant (Army), Donald Ray Shoulders (Army)

Hammond: Dan Eugue Charles (Army), Samuel Gerald Connelly (Army), Michael John Dickus (Army), Benny Edward Foster (Army), Michael Bruce Frye (Marine), Claude Marvin George (Marine), Ira Eugene Gibbs (Army), James Edward Glegg (Marine), George Edward Grubbs (Army), James Edmund Keeler (Marine), Timothy Robert Kessler (Army), Frederick Ben King (Army), Wayne Allen Michalak (Navy), James Ronald Sechrest (Army), Lorenzo Stegall (Army), William Henry Swisher (Marine), Donald Ray Vinson (Marine), Steven Craig Willis (Army)

Highland: Thomas Charles Cisar (Army), Frederick M. Gillsinger Jr. (Army), Fred Darrel Whitaker (Army)

Hobart: William Brace Cawley Jr. (Army), Larry Daniel Draves (Army), Steven James, Mullet (Marine), Charles Hubert Stanley (Army), James Ralph Wallace (Marine), Mark James Webb (Army), Richard Louis Wozniak (Marine)

Munster: George Franklin McCoy (Army), Donald Francis Slack Jr. (Marine)

Whiting: David Grant Borwn (Marine), Richard Francis Bubala (Marine), John Robert Klapak Jr. (Army), Michael J. Kurella (Army), Gerald Francis Lenz (Marine), Dennis Robert Muvich

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