Impact Club, a group that's trying to bring a venture capitalist approach to philanthropy, is planning a charitable event from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Monday at 95ate5 Brew Pub, 9585 N. Industrial Drive in St John.

Community members hear pitches from three local charities, cast a vote for which they prefer, and then each write $100 check for the winner. The idea is that people can maximize the impact of their individual donations by teaming up.

"In just one hour, together, we'll surgically inject over $10,000 of impact into our local community," the group said on Facebook.

At its first event, the Impact Club raised $3,700 for Hannah's Hope, a nonprofit that provides development equipment to kids with special needs and works to make communities more accessible. 

Impact Club is offering free beer and pretzels to participants, and free T-shirts and membership cards to new members.

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