JOLIET — The '80s and '90s were owned by the electric pop sound of high impact romantic progressive bands like Depeche Mode.

Wednesday night’s 20,000-plus capacity crowd at Hollywood Casino euphorically harmonized to their unforgettable lyrics seemingly as a testament to show how relevant and electric their music still is.

Depeche Mode’s latest album, "Spirit," and Global Spirit tour play more like a rally cry to the world with songs like “Where’s the Revolution,” “Fail,” “Backwards,” “Scum,” “No More” and “Cover Me.”

With roots dating back to the mid-'70s, Depeche Mode debuted in the “Some Bizzare” album in 1980 and moved from the dance synthesizers to a more mature and dramatic sound, cementing them as one of the most sobering and lucrative alternative groups of the era.

From the moment The Beatles’ “Revolution” began the night to the roar of screaming fans, Depeche Mode frontman David Gahan swaggered onto the stage, piercing “Going Backwards,” “So Much Love” and “Play,” keeping the crowd intense throughout the night.

It’s easy to see the band remains dynamically amalgamated with their fans and that bond continued to transpire throughout the night as the audience sang along to beloved favorites like “Enjoy the Silence,” “Strangelove,” “Policy of Truth,” "Never Let Me Down Again," "Everything Counts" and “World in My Eyes.” 

Songwriter, guitarist and one of the founding members, Martin Gore fascinated the audience mid-show as he led the adoring fans with "A Question of Lust" and "Home" and during the encore with "Somebody."

The zenith of the authoritative evening occurred during the encore, which also included "Walking in my Shoes" and an homage to the late and prodigious David Bowie as they sang his revered “Heroes” before ending with their own astounding “I Feel You” and “Personal Jesus.”

Taking in the show from the first row, Crown Point resident Janell Nietzel and her sister Michell Santelik fought "tooth and nail" through the VIP fan pre-sale. In 2013, Nietzel caught a towel by Gahan during the Delta Machine Tour.

"Depeche Mode knows what their fans want to hear and the setlist included a perfect balance of their latest work and loyal fan favorites," Nietzel said. "The Global Spirit Tour was absolutely amazing."