Courtney Love to entertain at House of Blues

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Courtney Love is on a creative roll these days.

The singer/songwriter, actress, and artist, who's been in the public eye for not only her musical and artistic endeavors but personal life struggles, is currently making waves on the music scene again. Love is now on a 19-city tour which brings her to Chicago's House of Blues on Thursday.

Her latest solo tour will offer a mix of work, from older tunes done by her band Hole to new works included in the upcoming album.

"We're playing really small places. And the small places have a lot of really hard-core fans. So what we're doing is getting into the deeper cuts and records that normally we'd never play. So just stuff like 'Jennifer's Body,' which I never play live or 'How Dirty Girls Get Clean,' or singles like 'Beautiful Son.' So this is fun," Love said.

Along with the new album, Love is also working on a new memoir due out by Harper Collins later this year.

"At Christmas, when we go out again when the book comes out, we'll be playing bigger venues and probably won't play these songs (that are on this tour)," she said.

Love said she likes to mix up her set list for fans but also does that so she doesn't get bored.

"If you start getting bored, then you might as well retire. That's really the truth of it. If it's not fun for you, then what are you doing it for?"

Love's new book has been on hold for the past few years.

"I've had the deal for four years and I've put if off for four years," she said, adding this was a perfect time for her to delve into the project. "This is a good time to set certain things straight. There are so many myths about me. I might as well be a siren, three-headed Athena, Gorgon, Medusa. There are just so many things that just aren't true that people like to discuss and bring up and I, at this point, just roll my eyes. Oh, this just isn't true," she said.

Love, also a designer of her own edgy fashion collection called "Never The Bride," currently has an exhibition of her visual art on display at the Lyman Allyn Art Museum in Connecticut.

With all of the projects Love juggles, she said, what keeps her inspired to create is simply her passion for "art."

"And the less I have to deal with lawyers, the more I can be creative," Love said.

When just kicking back to relax, Love said she rarely listens to music but prefers the printed word.

"I'm really not one to listen to a lot of music right now. I read a lot. I can't go anywhere without my Kindle," she said. Love enjoys everything from "trashy chick lit to good literature."

The "chick lit," she said, is addictive. and her "guilty secret."

"If it's trashy, if it's called 'Hollywood Girl's Club,' I'm on it man."

Courtney Love will perform at 8 p.m. Thursday at House of Blues, 329 N. Dearborn St., Chicago. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $32.50 general admission for main floor; $35 general admission the day of the show; $39.50 for the pit; The concert is open to those 17 and older. For more information, call (312) 923-2000 or visit

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