A musical party took over the Stardust Event Center at Blue Chip Casino on Saturday.

Purple Reign was in the house bringing the music of Prince to the forefront in the showroom that night. The tribute show Purple Reign stars musical artist and Indianapolis native Jason Tenner as Prince.

Tenner, who regularly performs his show in Las Vegas, had no problem drawing in the enthusiastic crowd. Prince fans who attended the show in purple clothing, Prince emblazoned T-shirts and jackets, danced and sang along with the artist, his band and dancers throughout the duration of the 90-minute concert.

Tunes in the spotlight at Purple Reign included top hits such as "Let's Go Crazy,"  "Raspberry Beret," "1999" and others. Tenner turned in a winning performance as The Purple One as he portrayed the legendary musician with all the familiar mannerisms and gestures.

Purple Reign also included segments featuring female dancers and singers in the vein of the provocative Prince proteges Apollonia 6 and Vanity 6.

In addition, the music of Morris Day and The Time starred on the roster as artists portraying the comedic Day and sidekick Jerome performed "The Bird" and "Jungle Love."

Blockbuster Prince hit "Purple Rain" appropriately ended the concert with Tenner appearing in a long, flashy purple coat aka The Artist. For more information on Purple Reign and Tenner, visit purplereign.net.


Eloise writes about food and entertainment for The Times, subjects she has covered for over two decades in and around the Region. She was the youngest of eight children in a Chicago household filled with fantastic cooks and artists.