ST. JOHN — The town wanted $1 million, but the $670,000 Community Crossings Grant it received from the state was still one of the highest in Lake County. 

Community Crossings is a partnership between the Indiana Department of Transportation and Hoosier communities, both urban and rural, to invest in infrastructure projects that catalyze economic development, create jobs and strengthen local transportation networks.

Since 2013, INDOT says it has provided more than $1 billion to cities, towns and counties to complete the critical work of modernizing local roads and bridges. 

St. John's Town Council officially accepted the grant during its regular meeting and announced plans to begin paving at 101st Avenue from White Oak Avenue to Calumet Avenue. In the spring the town will begin work on Parrish Avenue.

Town Manager Steve Kil said there is $2.3 million worth of work to be done. The town is currently in the stages of adopting a road impact fee to help pay for new infrastructure.

Among the highest grants awarded to Lake County communities include $814,725 for Whiting and $755,115 for Winfield. Hammond was awarded $734,847 and Cedar Lake $690,000. St. John's neighboring communities of Dyer, Schererville and Crown Point received $400,000, $655,000 and $642,349 respectively.