Dr. Manoj Bahl DDS says when he purchased an established dental practice at 40 W. 73rd Ave. in Merrillville, he is the one who received a bonus – a great staff, many of whom have been part of the dental team for more than 20 years and have “deep roots in the community.”

Excel Dental Studio celebrates its first anniversary on Oct. 31, and Dr. Bahl says growth has been so positive that he is hiring two new employees.

“When you buy a dental practice, you usually lose patients. We are up 24%,” he says, crediting his staff for their dedication and willingness to embrace new dentistry techniques and technology.

“We provide cosmetic and implant dentistry, and we educate our patients,” says Dr. Bahl, who graduated from Columbia University School of Dentistry in New York City and took advanced training at Ohio State University.

One means of educating patients is the intra-oral camera that takes photos of the inside of a patient’s mouth and displays those photos on a monitor.

“Many people forget the mouth is a part of the digestive system and respiratory system. It has its own unique functions and pathology. Many of which the general public doesn't fully comprehend,” he says. “It is our job at Excel dental to not only treat our patients, but educate them.”

On Oct. 17, Excel Dental Studio will undergo a major renovation that will incorporate the latest technology to enhance the goal of educating patients and building relationships that last a lifetime.

“We have patients who bring in cookies. One of my staff took a patient home from an appointment when he couldn’t get a ride,” he says.

Dr. Bahl also does much of his own oral surgery and endodontics.

His election to the Board of Directors of the Northwest Indiana Dental Society afforded him the opportunity to meet many of the dental specialist in the area.

“When I feel I can’t do a procedure to the best of my ability, I will refer a patient,” he says.

Satisfied patients are the result.