Family 5

Cheek family reunion with the Matriarch Nellie Cheek in purple in the middle has 8 children, 16 Grandchildren, 26 Great Grandchildren and 1 Great Great Grand Child.

Every 2 years the family holds a reunion.

Back Row:

Jacob Cheek (KY), Randy Cheek (KY), Steven Cheek (KY), Ted Cheek (Hobart, Ind.), Wayne Wathen (Rochester, Ind.), Evelyn Wathen (Rochester, Ind.), Misty Wathen (KY), Steven Wathen (KY), Adam Wathen (Portage, Ind.), Davin Bogdan (Hammond, Ind.), Pearl Cheek (Lake Station, Ind.), Andrew Pollock (Portage, Ind.), Melody Timmons (Portage, Ind.), Mike Cheek (Portage, Ind.), Dave Timmons (Portage, Ind.), Mona Cheek (Portage, Ind.), Nick Cheek holding LG (MD), Don Cheek holding Nicholas (NH), Bill Cheek (UT), Kevin Cheek (MN).

Middle Row:

Marlene Cheek (KY), Jill Cheek (Hobart, Ind.), Tessa Cheek (Hobart, Ind.), Chelsea Elkins (Portage, Ind.), Stephanie, (KY) Charlie Wathen (KY), Adam Watchen Jr. (Portage, Ind.), Ashley Wathen (Portage, Ind.), Lynn Coppinger (Portage, Ind.), Nellie Cheek (Portage, Ind.), Angela Pollock holding Katie (Portage, Ind.), Kayla Maldanado (Portage, Ind.), Cecelia Maldanado (Portage, Ind.), Clay Pollock (Portage, Ind.), Daniel Aguilar (Portage, Ind.), Michah Aguilar (Portage, Ind.), Matthew Timmons (Portage, Ind.), Renie Cheek (NH), Leah Cheek (UT), Brian Cheek (UT).

Front Row:

Theo Cheek (Hobart, Ind.), Owen Wathen (Rochester, Ind.), Christina Wathen holding Skylar (Portage, Ind.), Carly Wathen (Rochester, Ind.), Brent Bogdan (Hammond, Ind.), Caleb Bogdan (Hammond, Ind.), Allie Pollock (Portage, Ind.), Eric Pollock (Portage, Ind.), Hunter Cheek (UT).

March 06, 2014 6:30 am  • 
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