Julie Hogg was eating lunch on Wednesday at Boone Grove High School. She had left her cell phone somewhere else.

A friend came up very excited and told the junior three-sport athlete something she'd been waiting to hear for a very long time.

The Case Review Panel had overturned the Indiana High School Athletic Association's eligibility decision for Hogg by a 7-0 vote.

Hogg will now be allowed to participate in track, volleyball and basketball without any restrictions.

"It was a good day," Hogg said. "Once I got my phone I got a text from my Dad and I was very happy with the decision. I wish it would've happened a month ago, but it is what it is. I'm going to work ten times harder to get ready for track and my senior season."

The Hogg family moved from Hebron to the Boone Grove school district in December. Hebron contested the move with the IHSAA and asked that both Julie and her freshman brother Jon receive no eligibility.

They felt that undue influence spurred the family's move.

The IHSAA initially ruled Julie ineligible, but Jon was given full eligibility. Lyndon Hogg, the children's father, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2008.

His physical condition forced him to sell the family's 10-acre farm because he could no longer perform the daily duties.

An appeal to the IHSAA Review Committee was denied, so Crown Point attorney Mike Jasaitis appealed to the Case Review Panel, which gave its ruling on Wednesday.

"I'm very pleased for the Hogg family," Jasaitis said. "And for Julie especially. So she can now return to the life of a regular high school student."

The CSR concluded that the Review Committee's opinion on its transfer rules in this case "were not fair or logical application of the rules."

While Lyndon Hogg was pleased with the ruling, he was still concerned about how his daughter lost most of her junior basketball season after a bona fide change of residence.

"They put my daughter and my family through hell," Lyndon said. "Watching my daughter cry every day, the sleepless nights, was very difficult. I'm just glad it's over and we can move on."