How to lessen the frequency and likelihood of needing a professional repair of a home appliance

2012-09-20T00:00:00Z How to lessen the frequency and likelihood of needing a professional repair of a home appliance
September 20, 2012 12:00 am

A common send-off that a Maruszczak Appliance service technician hears, “Thanks, and nice seeing you, but I hope not to see you again." Paying for an appliance repair an unwelcome and annoying expense fore homeowners. Here is a quick list of things that can help lessen the likelihood of needing a professional home appliance repair.

Refrigerator: All homes accumulate dust attracted to places where air travels on a regular basis. A good example is your cold air return vent. In order to run at the right temperature and efficiency, the condenser coil and rear compressor compartment gets dirty and should be vacuumed at least once a year.

Dishwasher: When you open your dishwasher door you will see a black rubber gasket that follows the cabinet of the dishwasher all the way around. This gasket over time will pick up grime, soap residue and calcium from water. This should be wiped down periodically with warm soapy water. The same goes for the door where it meets up with the gasket. This will keep a good seal and prevent leaks. Another good tip is to keep your Jet-Dry dispenser full. Finally, watch out for dishes with UPC stickers on them. They are notorious for coming off of the dishes and clogging the pump.

Stove:The main thing that a homeowner can do to keep a stove working well is to keep it clean. If grease and grime build up this can cause problems with proper burner gas flow, and may prevent burners from lighting at all.

Now onto the laundry room!

Washer:The biggest problems that Maruszczak Appliance Techs run into are usually from overloading the washer. It is much better to do two loads that are half the size. Another good thing about limiting load size is that your clothes will come out cleaner. The last item for washers is remember to empty clothes pockets before loading the washer. The newer front loaders are especially likely to shut down if there is debris in the pump.

Dryer:Everyone knows to keep the dryer's  lint filter clean. The dirtier the filter is, the more lint is going to be pulled through and into your dryer. Don't forget to check your dryer's venting. How old is it? How long is the run? Where is your vent on the outside of your home? If the venting is old and inefficient pounds of lint could be blocking the proper air flow and harming the efficiency of your dryer. There is the danger of a possible dryer fires. If you are concerned with the age of your venting, or the way it is run, Maruszczak Appliance install crews would be happy to come out and look at it for you!

I hope these few tips help everyone to get a longer life for your appliances.

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