IREAD Public Schools, Lake and Porter Counties

School NameCorporation NameTotal Students TestedStudents Passing IREADPercent Passing IREAD
21st Century Charter Sch of Gary21st Century Charter Sch of Gary292793%
Aspire Charter AcademyAspire Charter Academy807898%
Charter School of the DunesCharter School of the Dunes432967%
Douglas MacArthur Elem SchCrown Point Community Sch Corp787799%
Dwight D Eisenhower Elem SchCrown Point Community Sch Corp868599%
Jerry Ross Elementary SchoolCrown Point Community Sch Corp17116999%
Lake Street Elementary SchoolCrown Point Community Sch Corp636298%
Solon Robinson Elementary SchCrown Point Community Sch Corp8080100%
Timothy Ball Elementary SchCrown Point Community Sch Corp10610195%
Discovery Charter SchoolDiscovery Charter School525198%
Bailly Elementary SchoolDuneland School Corporation10410096%
Brummitt Elementary SchoolDuneland School Corporation635994%
Jackson Elementary SchoolDuneland School Corporation6363100%
Liberty Elementary SchoolDuneland School Corporation12311493%
Newton Yost Elementary SchoolDuneland School Corporation878294%
East Chicago LighthouseEast Chicago Lighthouse Charter585391%
East Chicago Urban Enterprise AcadEast Chicago Urban Enterprise Acad4444100%
Kouts Elementary SchoolEast Porter County School Corp6666100%
Morgan Township Elementary SchoolEast Porter County School Corp484798%
Washington Twp Elementary SchoolEast Porter County School Corp6767100%
Bailly Preparatory AcademyGary Community School Corp1006969%
Benjamin Banneker Achievement CtrGary Community School Corp5858100%
Beveridge Elementary SchoolGary Community School Corp633352%
Brunswick Elementary SchoolGary Community School Corp1036462%
Daniel Hale Williams Elem SchGary Community School Corp685682%
Daniel Webster Elem SchGary Community School Corp493878%
Dr Bernard C Watson Acad for BoysGary Community School Corp281968%
Frankie W McCullough Acad for GirlGary Community School Corp624674%
Glen Park Acad for Excel in LrnGary Community School Corp755776%
Jacques Marquette Elem SchoolGary Community School Corp1187967%
Jefferson Elementary SchoolGary Community School Corp714259%
Gary Lighthouse Charter SchoolGary Lighthouse Charter School534177%
Beiriger Elementary SchoolGriffith Public Schools676496%
Eldon Ready Elementary SchoolGriffith Public Schools625589%
Elsie Wadsworth Elem SchGriffith Public Schools454191%
Jane Ball Elementary SchoolHanover Community School Corp767497%
Lincoln Elementary SchoolHanover Community School Corp797696%
George Bibich Elementary SchLake Central School Corp13513197%
Homan Elementary SchoolLake Central School Corp1019796%
James H Watson Elem SchLake Central School Corp102102100%
Kolling Elementary SchoolLake Central School Corp16115697%
Peifer Elementary SchoolLake Central School Corp10910193%
Protsman Elementary SchoolLake Central School Corp12712095%
Grissom Elementary SchoolLake Ridge Schools534177%
Hosford Park ElementaryLake Ridge Schools373389%
Longfellow Elementary SchoolLake Ridge Schools554480%
Alexander Hamilton Elementary SchLake Station Community Schools423071%
Carl J Polk Elementary SchoolLake Station Community Schools464394%
Virgil I Bailey Elementary SchoolLake Station Community Schools484492%
Hebron Elementary SchoolM S D Boone Township959095%
Edgar L Miller Elem SchMerrillville Community School898393%
Henry P Fieler Elem SchMerrillville Community School857689%
Homer Iddings Elem SchMerrillville Community School14413594%
John Wood Elementary SchoolMerrillville Community School746993%
Jonas E Salk Elem SchMerrillville Community School13413198%
Pine Elementary SchoolMichigan City Area Schools584781%
Central Elementary SchoolPortage Township Schools1149886%
Crisman Elementary SchoolPortage Township Schools877890%
Ethel R Jones Elem SchPortage Township Schools766788%
George L Myers Elem SchPortage Township Schools676394%
Paul Saylor Elementary SchoolPortage Township Schools595288%
Rowena Kyle Elementary SchoolPortage Township Schools857892%
South Haven Elementary SchoolPortage Township Schools574884%
Wallace Aylesworth ElementaryPortage Township Schools858398%
Porter Lakes Elementary SchoolPorter Township School Corp11210997%
Henry S Evans Elementary SchRiver Forest Community Sch Corp504386%
John I Meister Elementary SchoolRiver Forest Community Sch Corp453987%
River Forest Elementary SchRiver Forest Community Sch Corp383695%
Abraham Lincoln Elementary SchSchool City of East Chicago1027271%
Benjamin Harrison Elementary SchSchool City of East Chicago766282%
Carrie Gosch Elementary SchoolSchool City of East Chicago665482%
George Washington Elem SchoolSchool City of East Chicago897281%
William McKinley Elementary SchSchool City of East Chicago1109788%
Abraham Lincoln Elem SchSchool City of Hammond1139483%
Benjamin Franklin Elem SchSchool City of Hammond524383%
Columbia Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hammond635384%
Frank O'Bannon Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hammond787090%
Joseph Hess Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hammond958387%
Kenwood Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hammond615184%
Lafayette Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hammond686088%
Lew Wallace Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hammond605388%
Maywood Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hammond625487%
Morton Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hammond1078781%
Thomas A Edison Elem SchSchool City of Hammond1169481%
Thomas Jefferson Elem SchSchool City of Hammond796481%
Warren G Harding Elem SchSchool City of Hammond11510087%
Washington Irving Elem SchSchool City of Hammond847185%
Joan Martin Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hobart15415198%
Liberty Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hobart817795%
Ridge View Elementary SchoolSchool City of Hobart585798%
Allen J Warren Elem SchSchool Town of Highland535094%
Judith Morton Johnston ElemSchool Town of Highland524994%
Mildred Merkley Elem SchoolSchool Town of Highland524994%
Southridge Elementary SchoolSchool Town of Highland827592%
Ernest R Elliott Elem SchSchool Town of Munster726894%
Frank H Hammond Elem SchSchool Town of Munster103103100%
James B Eads Elementary SchSchool Town of Munster888496%
Thea Bowman Leadership AcademyThea Bowman Leadership Academy10710094%
Lake Prairie Elementary SchTri-Creek School Corporation777395%
Oak Hill Elementary SchoolTri-Creek School Corporation807999%
Three Creeks Elem SchoolTri-Creek School Corporation807493%
John Simatovich Elem Schnion Township School Corp,47,46,98% nion Center Elementary Schnion Township School Corp,56,52,93% Central Elementary School,Valparaiso Community Schools,54,51,94% Cooks Corners Elementary School,Valparaiso Community Schools,39,36,92% Flint Lake Elementary Sch,Valparaiso Community Schools,81,79,98% Hayes Leonard Elementary Sch,Valparaiso Community Schools,61,60,98% Memorial Elementary School,Valparaiso Community Schools,62,61,98% Northview Elementary School,Valparaiso Community Schools,48,48,100% Parkview Elementary School,Valparaiso Community Schools,29,25,86% Thomas Jefferson Elem Sch,Valparaiso Community Schools,53,52,98% West Gary Lighthouse,West Gary Lighthouse Charter,47,43,92% Nathan Hale Elementary School,Whiting School City,70,64,91%
September 04, 2013 2:37 pm
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