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And the NWI Communities Mother's Day Contest winner is...

2014-05-08T12:00:00Z 2014-05-10T19:10:17Z And the NWI Communities Mother's Day Contest winner is...Laura Lane, Times Digital Producer
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After reading through the 21 submissions entered for the NWI Communities Mother's Day Contest, it's safe to say there are quite a few phenomenal moms out and about in the Region.

But we could only pick one winner. So without further adieu, here's the winning submission followed by some other notable entries:

Mother's Day Contest Winner: Jane Dudley (submitted by daughter Amy Blaker)

My mom and I couldn’t be more different. Seriously, when people would tell me that I am just like my mom I used to think they just don’t know me that well. My mom shows up everywhere fashionably late. I show up everywhere fashionable. My mom has three pairs of the same sneakers, one for the barn, one for outside and one for shopping. I have 172 pairs and counting of stilettos, pumps and wedges. My mom haphazardly makes dinner, throwing this and that into a pot. I painstakingly measure out all of my ingredients as if Martha Stewart were looking over my shoulder. It took me years to realize that this wasn’t what people meant. What they meant was that I was compassionate like her. My mom taught me to be giving of my time and whatever talents I had to improve the lives of others, just as she does. They meant that I was determined like my mother. She taught me to believe in myself. I am capable like my mother, I am strong-willed like my mother, I am benevolent like my mother. I am, as people tell me, and I truly know it is a compliment, just like my mother.

Runner Up: Mimi Burke (submitted by daughter Sophia Burns and uncle Rigo Garcia)

The apple of her eye

was how I began.

From Proms to Weddings

The original plan

First years, so easy.

The rest? Not so.

Confusion and Questions.

How will this all go?

My body first slowed

Around two or three

The worry in her eyes

Was so plain to see.

She hid it so well

So special I felt

Told me she loved me

And her heart I would melt.

RETT syndrome had come

And dealt me my fate

I haven’t much spoken

And now it’s too late.

A body that’s failing

Confines me and my mom.

I feel like just quitting

Her love urges me on.

I wish I could hug her

My arms wont agree.

I wish I could tell her

What she means to me.

I wish I could kiss her

And play with her hair.

I wish I could thank her

It just isn’t fair.

Despite all the work,

And all the pain

She keeps loving me more

And never complains.

She looks for cures

She teaches all.

She fights for RETT girls

She never falls.

My mommy’s the BEST

She does what she must.

But she does so much more,

For the rest of us.

Runner Up: Sandy Dunlap (submitted by daughter Jaime Long)

My mom and I had the best relationship a mother and daughter could have. There wasn’t a thing I would have changed about her. She was my best fan when I played sports, my biggest supporter when I struggled in school, and my shoulder to cry on when I was sad. She would play with me when I was young and we enjoyed each other as I grew into an adult. My mom made it seem like we were the only two people in the world. I could go on for days about all the things we would do together! She made everything fun and memorable.

She taught me so much about raising children just by watching her enjoy my boys. She was an amazing mom and the best grandma. She taught us to smile and laugh, no matter how hard life gets. She was a second mom to many. She made everyone smile! She had a heart of gold and the best laugh! My mom was my best friend and I lost her this past August. I miss her everyday. I never got to say goodbye. But I’m glad I always took the time to say, “I love you mom."

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