You made your list and checked it twice; now it’s time to RSVP to all those party invitations and dress in holiday style. Don’t forget the extras like hair, nails and makeup to help keep your season bright.

So what’s the best way to wrap up a festive look?

Top it Off

Whether you’re a blonde, a brunette or a silver belle, the right hairstylist can help you put on your party tresses. Choose from a sleek style, a downtown up-do or give some curls a whirl. If the weather outside is frightful, highlights or all-over color can add some warmth to your style.

Gwendolyn Shaver, owner of Riah Salon in St. John, says that this year, curly hair is BIG. Not big hair, but long hair, worn down with large vertical curls. “After a lengthy trend toward straight hair, curls have returned,” Shaver notes. “We’ve re-introduced the pretty, elegant styles of the 1940s and 1950s and romantic, vertical or S-wave curls are in.”

Shaver adds that even if your hair is shorter or cut in a bob style, the vertical curls are the way to go. More women are using curling wands and curling irons to create curly locks and some have even gone back to the practice of getting a permanent wave.

Party dressing is more glamorous, with full-length, to-the-floor gowns as the selection du jour. Shaver says that it makes sense that elegant hairstyles be worn to accompany more formal attire.

Tantalizing ‘Tips’

Your hairstyle is not the only thing that helps complete your look; be sure to get a manicure and pedicure to look truly polished. Complement your couture with a sophisticated French manicure, shimmering sparkles, colorful enamels or lively embellishments.

Vanis Salon & Day Spa nail technician, Chelsea (“C.J.”) Leluga, says for Holiday 2015, the trend is toward 3D embellishments like crystals and pearls set on polish. Also, a glitter hombre fade from tip down or cuticle up makes a dramatic statement.

“Anything shiny and sparkly or geometric or linear is perfect for the holidays,” Leluga says. She adds that nail foils—strips of foil in various finishes, colors and holographics—are quite chic. “A foil is placed on the nail and then it is ripped off so some of it stays on,” she explains. “When you pull off the foil, parts stick sporadically in flecks of foiled shine. It works well with regular polish or gel polish.”

Favorite colors for the season include jewel tones—blues, purples, reds, green and traditional holiday colors. Nail art is popular, too, occasionally applied on a single nail on each hand. In general, Leluga, says, pedicures tend to be neutral and one solid color, with perhaps some loose glitter or the hombre effect, and current nail shapes tend to be almond, round or coffin-shape (narrowed squares).

Another trend Leluga identifies is a woman’s tendency to get some extra pampering. “Always around the holidays, people like to treat themselves to spa manicures.”

Face Time

Don’t stop there. Give your skin as much attention as your hair and nails. When going out for the holidays, remember to put your best face forward. From natural blushing beauty to exotic and mysterious, the right blend of makeup can make all the difference.

Patti Kobe, owner of State of Mind Salon & Day Spa in Crown Point, says the focus in makeup for the holidays is on eyebrows. “Bangs are back and are making their debut,” Kobe says. “Now that more women are wearing bangs, it’s important that your brows are filled in correctly and look good.”

The latest technology in brow filling—a taupe-colored wax with shadow over it—is “a game changer,” Kobe notes. “The wax is applied and the shadow sticks to the wax, so it seems more natural than the old method of penciling-in brows.”

Kobe adds that eyes are blending away from the smoky look and leaning toward more natural tones. “Eyelashes are big,” she says. “We do a lot of ‘for-the-moment’ eyelash extensions. They’re especially great because you don’t need to wear mascara, and removing them is easier than removing a lot of makeup.”

Luscious lips in bright, matte colors like reds, oranges and browns are hot for the holidays, and Kobe says that if you smooth your skin enough, blush is just not necessary. “We spend a lot of time smoothing out texture with microdermabrasion, fruit peels and pore minimization,” Kobe explains. “Tinted moisturizer or mineral makeup is more natural, and looks beautiful on smooth skin.”

State of Mind Salon & Day Spa is a tutorial education-based company, offering one-on-one makeup application instruction and a focus on skin care. “You need to keep your skin hydrated to avoid fine lines and dark circles as you age,” Kobe says. “Also, less is more. The more makeup you apply as you age, the more the aging shows.”

Kobe notes that her philosophy about makeup is that “trends come and go, but learning to apply makeup correctly is forever.”

Personal pampering, whether hair, skin or nails, is a wonderful cure for winter doldrums, so be sure to purchase gift certificates or gift cards for those on your list…and for yourself, too!