Simple and rustic decor seems to be trending this fall season.

“Everything that I’m seeing looks rustic — burlap is huge this year and everyone is selling it. Some stores are selling it in sheets,” said Jillian Gadzala, owner of Decor and More in Highland.

“I’m also noticing that there are hardly any orange pumpkins — I’m seeing white or metallic-colored pumpkins. So if you buy a bunch of cheap, plastic pumpkins you can spray paint them white. They would look cute in a rustic, tin container or bucket — with a stenciled sign that says, ‘Pumpkins 0.50 each' or 'Welcome.'"

Gadzala said you can incorporate burlap into any fall decor.

“You could wrap a burlap bow around a bale of hay or a pumpkin and set out an old rocking chair or an old ladder from an antique store,” Gadzala said. “I like to use an old pallet and make a little fence out of it — get some fall flowers, fall leaves and burlap and wrap it around the fence.”

Gadzala said stenciling a sign or setting out mums is also a simple way to add color to any porch or outdoor set up.

Bryon Angerman, nursery manager at Alsip in St. John, said the store brought out mums out early this year because customers were eager to decorate for fall.

“Halloween is one of the few longer holidays — it’s almost six weeks away and people have already started decorating. This is the time when people usually change out their summer plants for mums, asters, ornamental peppers or flowering kale,” Angerman said.

“Mums have a pretty long bloom time and customers either plant them in gardens or put them in a container like a whiskey barrel.”

Christine Santaguida, of Highland, has her front porch and yard all decorated for fall — complete with a scarecrow.

“I’m recovering from a car accident and everyone pitched in and did this for me because they knew it would be something I would enjoy. My friend stopped by and gave me the bales of hay, my aunt picked up the mums and my middle-school son put together the scarecrow for me, so it’s more meaningful than ever. I’m very loved,” Santaguida said. “The accident forced me to slow down. As I get better and get back to a steady schedule I hope I never get too busy to enjoy the holidays.”


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