New Detached Cottage Homes Round Out Maintenance-Free Options by McFarland Homes

During the recent Spring Showcase of Homes “Builder Tour,“ Pam Duke of McFarland Homes was honestly a bit surprised to see all people who came to Monastery Woods specifically to see their new detached cottage homes.

“We knew there were buyers out there looking for this particular product, but I really had no idea we’d have this type of response,” she said. “Ironically, we struggled a bit with what to call them, and Ron (McFarland) decided to go with detached cottage homes because that’s exactly what they are. Now, when people walk in and say, ‘we’re looking for the detached homes,’ I’m happy our model is nearly complete and open for them to view.”

While the polar vortex delayed construction of McFarland’s latest model, Duke sold the first detached cottage home from a blue print last winter.

“This particular buyer was ready to enjoy the convenience of a new home in a maintenance-free neighborhood but also still wanted the freedom of not being attached,” she explained. “Once I showed him our plans for the cottage homes he never looked back. Now, with all the traffic from the Builder Tour, I already have several more deals in the works for people who are looking to build from the ground up. It’s definitely an exciting time to be in Monastery Woods.”

Located in a spectacular setting on a former golf course in Cedar Lake, Monastery Woods offers homeowners a nice quiet backdrop that’s conveniently situated on the north side of town, west of Route 41 off 129th near the brand new full-service Strack & Van Til grocery store and just 5-7 minutes from the heart of St. John. Here you’ll find a range of products to choose from including McFarland’s all-new detached cottage homes.

“Buyers appreciate that this a completely maintenance-free community of like-minded residents,” Duke said. “Whether they prefer one of our new detached cottage homes with zero lot lines, choose one of our paired ranch homes or an available two-story townhome, there’s an option that meets most everyone’s needs in Monastery Woods - especially when you consider that the builder remains open to customizing various aspects of the home.”

Like Monastery Woods, McFarland’s two St. John communities cater to a specific lifestyle. The Townhomes at The Gates of St. John hit a mid-range in an award-winning master planned community spanning 700 acres on Parrish Rd off Route 231 (just east of US 41 and west of I-65). Peninsula Point appeals to buyers in search of a distinctive home in a secluded enclave nestled along the St. John bike trail and Bull Run Creek within walking distance of the new St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church on Olcott, just west of US 41.

“Our buyers know what they want in their next home, and they definitely want it their way,” Ron McFarland, who has been answering the call for people in Northwest Indiana at or near retirement age looking to “right size” their home and simplify their lifestyle for more than a quarter of a century, added. “Customization and personalization are key for them. They want a home that meets their needs now and also makes it easy to age in place as long as possible. Most importantly, they want to dramatically reduce the burden of upkeep so they can enjoy their well-earned free time.”

Dedicated to building homes that provide a “better standard of quality” so you can “experience a better way of living,” McFarland Homes makes it a goal to offer buyers a number of options to achieve their new home goals. Along with the selection in Monastery Woods, you’ll find ranch townhomes in The Gates of St. John and luxury brick ranch townhomes in Peninsula Point of St. John.

“We always encourage homebuyers to compare all their options – whether it’s existing housing stock or competitive new product – in order to find exactly what they want,” McFarland said. “Our standard product features over 40 material upgrades that demonstrate our commitment to excellence. From name brand appliances and long warranty roofing products to energy efficient windows and insulation upgrades, there is added quality from top to bottom in every McFarland home.”

With three great locations in Lake County, McFarland Homes makes it possible to enjoy maintenance-free living at just about every price range.